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Maptitude Australia Mapping Software


Maptitude Mapping Software for Australia

Maptitude Australia 2024 Country Package

Maptitude Geographic Information System (GIS) software is the intelligent mapping solution for business, government, and education. Maptitude is a powerful combination of software and geographic data that provides everything you need to realize the benefits of desktop mapping and spatial analysis with a single, easy-to-use package. Priced at only US$695, Maptitude is the best buy for those looking for mapping software.

In addition, Maptitude includes one FREE Country Package of your choice (a US$595 value). Choose the Australia Country Package to get Australia maps and detailed demographic data for postal areas, suburbs, and statistical areas.

Map customers with Maptitude Australia mapping software

Locate your customers with Maptitude Australia mapping software

Drive-time analysis with Maptitude Australia mapping software

Perform drive-time analysis

Visualise spatial patterns

Visualise spatial patterns

Key Features of Maptitude with the Australia Country Package:

  • Optimises sales territories, vehicle routes, and site locations
  • Visualises, analyses, and presents mission-critical data
  • Maximises profits, time, and resources
  • Includes a nationwide Street layer with address ranges for geocoding (pin-mapping) and routing
  • Includes updated Postal Areas for sales and territory mapping
  • Includes administrative boundaries for the whole of Australia
  • Has detailed land use maps for Australia
  • Includes over 1000 fields of 2021 Census data describing population, income, education, employment, housing, and more for postal areas, suburbs, statistical areas, and urban areas
  • Integrates with Google Earth for any location both inside and outside of Australia
  • Includes population and income numbers for postal areas
  • Supports data in many of the spreadsheet, database, and geographic formats used in Australia (more...)
  • Includes sophisticated analysis tools and map tools for building rings (bands/buffers), facility areas of influence, hot-spots, origin-destination flow lines, districts, drive-time rings, drive-time territories, routes, and 3D surfaces (more...)
  • Includes MapWizard® instant mapping technology for creating color, scaled-symbol, dot-density, and pie and bar chart thematic maps
  • Includes GISDK™ application development platform (more...)
  • Includes 60 days of email technical support!

The 2024 Australia Country Package requires Maptitude 2024 or later and it is available to existing Maptitude users for US$595.

Mark Grahame

“Our applications to government healthcare authorities need to show locations of proposed equipment or practices, proximity to other healthcare organisations, patient catchment areas, incidence of illness by statistical local area and much more. Prior to MAPTITUDE our submission was based on WORDS rather than VISUALS. Maptitude has made it easier for us to build submissions and easier for healthcare authorities to review and approve.”

 Mark Grahame
Able Medico, Australia

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Geographic Data Included with the Australia Country Package

The Australia Country Package for Maptitude includes extensive geographic and demographic data so that you can get started as soon as you install the software. The following geographic files are included:

Nationwide HERE Australia Geographic Data Layers
  • Building Footprints (where available)
  • Highways
  • Landmark Areas and Points
  • Postal Code Areas and Points
  • Railroads
  • Rivers
  • Settlements
  • States
  • Streets
  • Water Areas
HERE Maps for Live Logo

HERE data are from October 2023.
See the Maptitude Data Included page for a full list of available countries.

Other Included Australia Data
  • Airport Runways
  • Capital Territory Districts (2023)
  • Commonwealth Electoral Divisions (2021)
  • Destination Zones (2021)
  • Indigenous Areas, Locations, and Regions (2021)
  • Local Government Areas (LGAs, 2024)
  • Mesh Blocks (July 2021)
  • Pipelines
  • Point Addresses (Feb 2023)
  • Powerlines
  • State Electoral Divisions (2021)
  • State Legislative Councils (2023)
  • State Suburbs (2021)
  • Statistical Areas (Four levels, all from 2021)
  • Urban Areas and Urban Centres
  • Wards (2023)
Australia territory map

Create balanced territories

Australia map tools

Australia map tools

Map of optimised route serving multiple stops created with Maptitude Australia map software

Find optimised routes serving multiple stops

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Demographic Data Included with the Australia Country Package

Over 700 fields of 2021 Census data describing population, age distribution, birthplace, citizenship, education, ancestry, religious affiliation, housing costs (mortgage, rent), income, marital status, dwellings, employment, vehicle accessibility, and method of travel to work are included for the following geographic layers:

  • Local Government Areas
  • Postal Areas
  • Suburbs
  • States
  • Statistical Areas
  • Urban Areas
  • Indigenous Areas, Regions, and Locations

The following layers also contain more limited demographic data:

  • Mesh Blocks contains two fields with population and dwellings from the 2021 and 2016 Census and on land use field
  • Populated Places contains one field of population
Includes Australia demographics

Includes demographics for states down to level 1 statistical areas

Australia map software location analysis

Analyse locations with Maptitude Australia map software

Create thematic maps with Maptitude Australia map software

Create many types of thematic maps

Martin North

“Maptitude helped me to quickly locate and exhibit post code hot spots across the country in an effective and attractive way - it's turned my extensive datasets into compelling stories, and helped build credibility with my clients and the wider community.”

 Martin North
Digital Finance Analytics
Sydney, Australia

Learn more about Maptitude Australia GIS solutions:

VIDEO: Creating maps and mapping your data using Maptitude and the Australia Country Package

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