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FAQs are a great place to look for advice on using the Maptitude software in commonly used ways. You can look for the FAQs by difficulty level, or look at them sorted by those most often viewed by other users:




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We make it as easy as possible to download and install our software, but unfortunately system antivirus and firewalls can cause problems when getting started with any software installation. You can find articles here that go over the typical installation process, as well as covering the common issues you may encounter and how to troubleshoot:

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As well as a variety of articles detailing how the software can be used, you will also find a wide range of videos going over several tools step-by-step. These are divided into general tutorials, recordings of past webinars and videos of specific support requests:



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As we improve the Maptitude software, new “builds” of the software are released with incremental improvements. You can see which build of the software you are using by going to Help>About… from the main toolbar. If you have Maptitude 2023, you can get the latest version of Maptitude by going to Help>Check for Updates and clicking on the link there.

The changes made in each build can be found here:  

Maptitude 2023 Release Notes

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Getting Started: A helpful landing page for new users of the software - or old users just looking for a refresher!

Did You Know: On our Did You Know page, you will find a collection of short tips showcasing features of the software you might have been unaware of:

Tech Tips: On our Tech Tips page, we include the monthly tips that are sent out with the Maptitude Newsletter. These are step-by-step instructions for specific projects of the software that can take you the process for some common features and make you more comfortable using the software for your own needs: