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Downloading the software is the first step to getting started with Maptitude. Articles on this page will cover download-specific issues such as receiving the download email, expired download links, or issues with the Download itself.

For other possible issues with the Download/Installation/Activation process, check out our other pages at:

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Activation Help

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Here are the Download specific articles:

How Do I Use Free Add-on Layers in My Online Maps?

You can upload the free map data add-ons or third party geographic data to your online maps using Maptitude online mapping software. Step-by-step tutorial on sharing layers to online maps.

Caliper Download and Installation Help

A discussion of common issues related to downloading and installing Maptitude, as well as how to troubleshoot them

When will the 2021 Canada Census Data be Released?

The 2021 Canada Census Data can be accessed using Maptitude demographic mapping software. Details about the Canada 2021 census data release.

How do I add users to, renew, or cancel my subscription?

How to view and renew your Maptitude Online subscription through the Caliper store page

Why does my new license say that it’s expired?

What it means if you get an expired license message in Maptitude, likely causes, and how to troubleshoot the issue.

How can I download Maptitude?

This article explains where you can download the Maptitude software as well as the steps of the download process

Why isn’t my Maptitude download opening in Gmail?

This article discusses troubleshooting Maptitude download issues using Gmail with Google Chrome

Maptitude System Requirements

The list of Maptitude System Requirements for the desktop and server versions, as well as how to compare them to your own system specs

How to share your system specifications

Maptitude’s system requirements and how to find and share your system specifications

How Do I Map My Country’s Data?

You can map your country’s data using Maptitude global mapping software. Article on several options to map international data.

How do I use my free data download?

A central location for the help documents for all of the free Maptitude data downloads

Translating Menus

You can translate the Maptitude menus into different languages using the translate menu add-ins on the Maptitude GISDK add-ins page.

Downloading from a Download Link

How to download the Maptitude software and/or data products after receiving your download email

How do I configure the Download Manager to work with a Proxy Server?

How to setup the Maptitude Download Manager to download the software through a proxy server.

Antivirus and Firewall Issues

How to identify and deal with issues related to Antivirus or Firewall interference

My Download Link is Expired

What to do if your Download link is expired

My Download Won’t Start or is Getting Interrupted

The connection required to download the software can be interrupted by a firewall or antivirus. Here’s what to do

My Download is Taking a Long Time

What affects the length of the download

I Didn’t Receive my Download Email

Look here for help if you were expecting a download email, but have not received it

Saving Maptitude Maps to Other Graphic Formats

Saving Maptitude maps to different graphic file formats and using Maptitude maps in other applications

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