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Once you have the software downloaded the installation process should start automatically, but can run into issues with firewalls, installation privileges or corrupted files due to antivirus.

For other possible issues with the Download/Installation/Activation process, check out our other pages at:

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Activation Help

or if you are unsure which part of the process you are having issues with you can check out all our articles on the issue here:

All Download, Install and Activation Help Articles

Here are the Installation specific articles:

How Do I Use Maptitude With Parallels?

You can use Parallels to use Maptitude mapping software. Information on Parallels.

Caliper Download and Installation Help

A discussion of common issues related to downloading and installing Maptitude, as well as how to troubleshoot them

What do I do if my fonts look wrong?

How to fix incorrect fonts and symbols in Maptitude if they are missing or look strange

Why does my new license say that it’s expired?

What it means if you get an expired license message in Maptitude, likely causes, and how to troubleshoot the issue.

Can Maptitude Work with 32-bit Windows?

Information about 32-bit Maptitude and how to get it

Downloading from a Download Link

How to download the Maptitude software and/or data products after receiving your download email

Antivirus and Firewall Issues

How to identify and deal with issues related to Antivirus or Firewall interference

How can I Record and Deploy the Installation through Microsoft System Center or other similar Software Deployment software?

How to record the installation of the Maptitude software so that it can be deployed in bulk.

No Country Package was Installed

Help with installation when no country package was installed with the software

Common Installation Issues and Solutions

Common ways installation can fail and what to do about it.

Installing from a Downloaded Folder

How to run the installer manually by locating the folder the software was downloaded to

Installing from the Download Manager

How to install the software from the Download Manager via the default method

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