Maptitude 2019 Release Notes

As we improve the Maptitude software, new “builds” of the software are released with incremental improvements. You can see which build of the software you are using by going to Help>About… from the main toolbar.

Below are the release notes for the different builds of Maptitude 2019:

Build # Ship Date Release Notes
4300 3/4/2019 Initial Release
4305 3/4/2019 Improved routing calculation speeds
4310 3/14/2019 Improved Layer Clipper handling
Cleaned up reports generated by Buffers tool
Improved routing in 32-bit Maptitude
Help File updates
Removed outdated User Guide PDF
Fixed routing issues
Added Help link to Pick Layers dialog box
Create-a-Map Wizard remembers previously used table
Removed Outdated Help files
Improved handling of Shapefiles in different projections
Improved low memory handling in routing
Improved low memory handling in Drive Time Influence Areas
Drive Time Rings origins show in reports
Further improved speed of the routing optimizatiom
Made routing optimization use less memory in 32-bit Maptitude
Can set rest times for routing to higher values
4315 4/4/2019 Clarified a message when maximum number of Drive Time Rings is reached
Fixed issue with Distance and Travel Time tables, when destinations have shared locations.
Improved routing optimization issue
Print settings now uses “Print as Bitmap” instead of “Optimize for Transparency”
Allows manual customization of Drive Time Rings demographics
Better handling of linked data
Better handling of masks with a large number of vertices
Better handling of incorrect syntax when using Select by Condition
Fixed Back button in the Create-a-Map Wizard
Better handles the importing of Map files with Selection sets
Fixed issue when relocating an already located table
Improved geocoding for the Canada Country Package
Updated Help file
Fixed resizing position of Home Window’s “Change Country” button
Improved Export of GeoJson areas
Allows the Home Window to create a map by opening a CDF
Driving Speeds options enabled for Routing
Added message when trying to apply a theme with no Field selected
Improved behavior when user cancels out of the Geocoding procedure
Added keyboard shortcuts for Export Table/Image
Update Linked Records no longer removes Themes from other maps
Allowed workspace to open when certain files are missing
Fixed issues with Locate by Coordinate
Avoid errors when using Update Linked Records with two linked layers
4320 4/4/2019 Help File Updates
4325 4/24/2019 Allows user to skip using the Help Guide when their they don’t have a HTM viewer
Show/Hide Fields manager is now resizable
Rounded numbers in Areas-of-Influence report
Better handles importing of large tables from Excel
Improved mapping of worldwide data from the Create-a-Map Wizard
Updated the blurb/images in the Create-a-Map Wizard
Improved Editing capabilities for File Geodatabases
Fixed error in Locate Wizard for Canada
Improved handling of Shapefiles in different projections
Improved Geocoding from Access databases
Added more detailed options for Geocoding Precision
Allow Export to Excel when no area/point layers are available
4330 5/24/2019 Clearer labelling in Export to Excel reports
Improved handling of long field names
Better saving of workspaces with multiple layouts
Clarified warning message when no country package is installed
Enabled Line Grid layer creation for compressed workspaces
Better handling of labels from Maptitude 2018 maps
Updated Web Map Layer for USGS Topo WMTS service
Improved behavior when opening workspaces on different monitor setups
Improved handling of Excel files with problematic field names
Enabled Desire Lines tool without setting a Volume field
File>Share>Send can now send workspaces when the file name has changed
Layer Clipper enabled for Compressed Workspaces
Export to Excel recognizes layers that are turned off but have visible selection sets
Can open line layers by themselves with no country package installed
Buffer/Density grids default to selection sets first, visible features second
Create-A-Map Wizard “Show boundaries with your data attached” layer positioning improved.
Fixed issue when creating a layer by opening a table with coordinate data
Fixed drawing of DBD area layers which could leave gaps between adjacent areas
Improved handling when trying to create a layer with a name that is too long
Made saving of compressed workspaces more tolerant of antivirus intervention
4340 6/6/2019 Clarified table names when undoing data editing
Field formatting is maintained when re-opening a dataview
Added link to the message when attempting to use an unlicensed data layer
Improved overlay procedure for area around a point
Better handling when trying to run a report with no fields chosen
4345 6/12/2019 Introduced prompt to save when closing a dataview that was manually created
Improved handling when labelling detailed line layers
4350 6/17/2019 Prevented an error that could occur when creating a chart from multiple fields
Made workspace backups less likely to be corrupted by antivirus softwares
Improved handling when labelling very detailed line layers
Improved importing of Maptitude 2018 territory layers
Updated menu translation add-ins for Maptitude 2019
Added “Unlicensed Data” link to additional warning messages
Added handling to prevent old workspace files from being corrupted by Antivirus software
4355 7/22/2019 Sped up labeling and drawing of complex line layers
Added Line/Area Conversion functionality for uncompressed workspaces
Added a warning if trying to create drive time rings around a missing point
Make Email appear in the foreground when emailing workspace directly from Maptitude
Geocoding Improvements in Australia
Fixed issue opening a linked Maptitude 2018 map
Using the Locate tools now create an editable layer
Corrected behavior when interrupting the Facility Location processing
4360 8/8/2019 Added further translations for the Translate Menus add-ins
Locate tools can now act on a table with a formula field
Fixed issue with Locate Tools for certain types of table
4365 8/26/2019 Sped up several selection processes
Better handling for Merge by Selection Sets
When importing waypoints from PTM file, skip over unreadable points instead of failing the import
Prevented joins from dropping when saving certain tables
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