Activation Help

After installing the software, Maptitude should be automatically activated by running the Activation Wizard, but can run into issues if the software is already activated, or if a firewall prevents a connection to our servers.

For other possible issues with the Download/Installation/Activation process, check out our other pages at:

Download Help

Installation Help

or if you are unsure which part of the process you are having issues with you can check out all our articles on the issue here:

All Download, Install and Activation Help Articles

Here are the Download specific articles:

Antivirus and Firewall Issues

How to identify and deal with issues related to Antivirus or Firewall interference

Reactivating your License

How to do a quick reactivation so that the software recognizes the updated settings for your license

“You are not licensed to use this version of …” Message

What causes the message and how to fix it

Activating Your Maptitude License Manually

See here for Activation help if the Activation Wizard fails to automatically activate the software

Transferring/Moving your License to a new Computer/Server

Instructions on switching/moving where your license of Maptitude is activated.

Common Activation Issues and Solutions

Common reasons that activation can fail, what you would see in these cases and what to do next

Activating Your Maptitude License Automatically

Easiest method to activate your license of Maptitude

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