Maptitude Online Release Notes

As we improve and add features to Maptitude Online, we will periodically release updates with these changes. Maptitude Online is supported by comprehensive help, learning materials, and has competitive features and pricing.

Below are the release notes for the different versions of Maptitude Online:


Release Date Release Notes
9/12/2023 Moved the selection tools to the legend.
Moved the info tool to the drawing toolbar.
Filters in dataviews can be used as selection sets in the map.
Selection sets can be renamed.
Popup info can be exported to Excel.
Added drawing tools to allow freehand shapes and text.
Added census overlay data to enable demographic analysis.
Additional spreadsheets can be added to existing maps.
New themes can be added to existing maps and existing themes can be modified.
Added cluster and heat density mapping options.
Remove limit on number of charts for chart theme.
Additional analysis layers can be added to an existing map.
12/26/2023 Replaced all instances of “select” with “choose” for a more user-friendly experience.
Enhanced map clarity by changing the style for county labels.
Improved handling of columns with both numeric and string values for more versatile data representation.
Corrected the behavior when selecting fields for boundary layers, ensuring accurate and efficient data mapping.
Fixed census demographic overlay calculations to ensure consistency across shapes.
Enriched the Create-a-map Wizard with additional text and images for each step, making map creation more engaging and accessible.
Enabled drawing tools for publicly shared maps, facilitating collaboration and interaction.
Redesigned the pointer tool to populate the info tab, offering a more intuitive experience when exploring maps.
Tweaked the behavior of editing shapes, providing users with a smoother and more efficient editing process.
Introduced the ability to create a map without uploading a spreadsheet, streamlining the map creation process for quicker insights.
Added progress updates while calculating overlay information, enhancing your workflow efficiency.
Enabled adding nodes to existing shapes, providing greater flexibility and control in customizing your shapes.
Thematic mapping options will only show relevant fields, streamlining the visualization of meaningful data.
Radius labels default to the units used during radius creation.
Maps now save the current zoom level, ensuring that you always pick up where you left off.
Optimized the behavior of “Add Data/Table to Map” to prevent the automatic creation of new maps, simplifying workflow.
1/31/2024 Enhanced overlay analysis for smoother and more efficient demographic analysis.
Labels for freehand circles reflect the units you select, providing clear and intuitive visualizations based on your preferences.
Personalize your maps with customizable colors for themes, allowing you to match your maps to your brand or preferences.
The toolbar for shape editing is now visible even when the top of the shape is off-screen, ensuring seamless editing experiences.
Optimized the performance of layers containing over 10,000 features with chart theme and label auto-scaling enabled, ensuring smooth visualization even with extensive data sets.
Differentiate between consecutive layers by utilizing a variety of symbols, enhancing map clarity and visual hierarchy.
Maintain map simplicity and performance with a cap of 10 data sources per map, ensuring manageable and efficient map creation.
3/11/2024 Updated map and legend layout for improved ease of navigation.
Increased upload file size limit to 4 MB to allow larger data inputs.
Improved info tool response for mobile users.
Multiple separate buffer layers can be created for the same map, allowing comparison of separate zones.
When multiple line features are selected, the user is now given a choice of which features to choose for greater control and clarity.
Added a confirmation check when deleting an item from the legend to prevent erroneous editing.
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