Maptitude Online Release Notes

As we improve and add features to Maptitude Online, we will periodically release updates with these changes. Maptitude Online is supported by comprehensive help, learning materials, and has competitive features and pricing.

Below are the release notes for the different versions of Maptitude Online:


Release Date Release Notes
9/12/2023 Moved the selection tools to the legend
Moved the info tool to the drawing toolbar
Filters in dataviews can be used as selection sets in the map
Selection sets can be renamed
Popup info can be exported to Excel
Added drawing tools to allow freehand shapes and text
Added census overlay data to enable demographic analysis
Additional spreadsheets can be added to existing maps
New themes can be added to existing maps and existing themes can be modified
Added cluster and heat density mapping options
Remove limit on number of charts for chart theme
Additional analysis layers can be added to an existing map
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