Maptitude 2020 Release Notes

As we improve the Maptitude software, new “builds” of the software are released with incremental improvements. You can see which build of the software you are using by going to Help>About… from the main toolbar.

If you have Maptitude 2020, you can get the latest version of Maptitude 2020 by going to Help>Check for Updates and clicking on the link:

Below are the release notes for the different builds of Maptitude:

Build # Ship Date Release Notes
4700 3/5/2020 Initial Release
4705 3/10/2020 Routing Manager allows 24hr routing without nightime break
Cleaned up the Selection Sets that are created when geocoding
Standardized terminology when doing Image Geotagging
Cleared up labeling of times in the Routing Manager
Prioritized using HERE Street network for routing when present
Improved handling of bad inputs in the Balanced Territories Add-in
4710 3/17/2020 Improved handling when the processing limit is hit using Drive Time Influence Areas
Improved geocoding at the World City/Country level
Improved finding of cities with “St” in their names
Added Box Plot as a chart option
Improved geocoding in Germany to recognize more city names
Image Geotagging defaults to using the Working Layer
Added clearer error messages to the Balanced Territories Add-in
Added clearer error message when attempting to make a Box Plot of a single record
Enabled relevant menu items when creating a Box Plot
Clustering add-in defaults to “Route” if street layer exists
Prevented creation of an unnecessary table during Facility Location
Standardized terminology when discussing Box Plot feature
Usability improvements to the Vehicle Routing Add-in
4715 5/14/2020 Linked Records feature now allows for linking to the County layer using separate County and State fields
Improved geocoding when using Canadian postal points
Improved handling of alternate layers for routing tools
Improved handling when when using the Layer Clipper tool on restricted layers
Improved display for very small drive-time rings
Enabled longer field names
Facility location enabled when facilities are a mix of points and areas
Added an option to take an Overnight Break when planning multi-day route
Faster drive-time influence areas
Simplified handling of cumulative and separate buffers
Numeric fields with empty values now exported to Excel as numeric fields
Improved Australia geocoding
Improved handling of .geojson imports
Fixed an issue when geocoding the same Excel sheet twice in the same map
4720 6/8/2020 Improved handling of ZIP points in the Territory Wizard
Added a warning if an inaccessible label is clicked repeatedly
Fixed an issue where overlay reports would be blank
Automatically closes a temporary dataview when geocoding
Fixed progress bar for Distance & Travel Time Tables
Single point buffers can be non-cumulative
4725 7/31/2020 Improved handling of alternate street layers when using Locate by Address
Calculation of dot density themes maintains theme settings
Fixed stop display in the vehicle routing tool
Shapefile (.shp) line layers can be exported to a .cdf file
Added Full Stack bar chart type
Improved display with higher resolution screens
Improved handling of default stops with the Routing API
Excel exports only include visible fields
Improved routing when using one-way streets
Workspaces with missing shapefiles can still be opened
4730 9/10/2020 Improved stop order when routing using one-way streets
Added an option to start and stop at the same location using the routing API
The Facility location tool now accepts weights of zero
Improved importing of shapefiles
4735 9/17/2020 Various routing improvements
4740/4745 9/29/2020 Maptitude Maps can now be shared online through our SaaS
Improved route optimization
4750/4755 10/15/2020 Improved linked records handling
4760 10/26/2020 Various SaaS changes and improvements
4765 11/19/2020 Improved geocoding using non-english locations
Fixed issue where no route could be found when finding shortest paths
More SaaS changes and improvements
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