Maptitude 2018 Release Notes

As we improve the Maptitude software, new “builds” of the software are released with incremental improvements. You can see which build of the software you are using by going to Help>About… from the main toolbar.

Below are the release notes for the different builds of Maptitude 2018:


Build #Ship DateRelease Notes
40002/8/2018Initial Release
40052/20/2018Improved handling of Excel sheets with very wide fields
  Style improvements to US General Purpose Map
  Show more accurate scale with 3D theme
  Added checks to ID field during Update Linked Records
  Better handling of KML/KMZ imports
40102/28/2018Duplicate IDs detected in the Create a Map Wizard
  Added functionality to Update Linked Records
  Added Drive Time rings label options
  Added extra datum conversions for Australia
  Improved saving of prism maps to image files
  Remember route stop name edits
  Make map saving more robust
  Improved data handling from Excel in the Map Wizard
  Added helpful notes when using Update Linked Records
  Improved Linked Records with long SQL queries
  Improved speed of Create a Map Wizard reading Excel files
40153/19/2018Further improved data handling from Excel in the Map Wizard
  Improved speed of Create a Map Wizard reading Excel files
  Added more notes when using Update Linked Records
  Added more options for Theme fields in the Create a Map Wizard
  Improved geocoding when using Update Linked Records
  Allow repeat stops in routing manager
  Improved map size/location in buffers report
  Improved drive time report format
  More accurate running totals in route directions report
  Improved overlay report
40203/21/2018Launch routing manager is an option when opening MapPoint files
  Improved reports
  Handle Update Linked Records with coordinates
40254/4/2018Implemented checks when opening workspaces with missing files
  Improved prism maps legend formats
  Better formatting in buffer reports with many columns
  Changed “No Data Found” message
  Implemented Straight Line Distance Tables/Matrices
40304/23/2018Improved databases for Territory layers
  Better handling of missing sheets in Update Linked Records
  Added overnight routing
  Fixed territory assignment error message
  Style improvements to default map depending on geocoding method
  Update/delete not-found sets when updating linked records.
  Improved Access handling in Update Linked Records
  Add ability to restrict Distance/Travel Time tables to N Closest/Fastest
  Improved video recording
  Fixed stop index in RoutingAPI results
40356/11/2018Improved python examples
  Implemented Angle Tool in main toolbox
  Update Linked Records now does all point layers
  Display ZIP code correctly in error message
  Distance and Travel Time tables give a message when no points selected
  Removed an errant Export to ArcMap warning.
  Improved Territory handling with large number of unassigned features
  Fixed KML parser that would hang on some files.
  RoutingAPI was failing in the presence of duplicate stops
  Changed balloon help for Territory Manager button
  Correctly detect “return to origin” in routing API
40406/29/2018Fixed RoutingAPI bug with duplicate coordinates
  Auto-project the British Isles straight, not slanted
  Fixed RoutingApi return index with duplicate labels
  Fixed exception from some python scripts
404510/10/2018Don’t use black as the color for Prism Maps with null values
Updated terms of Service for Google Imagery
Make GPS tracking icon configurable
Significant Geocoding Improvements for the DACH region
Improved silent install procedure