Maptitude 2024 Release Notes

As we improve the Maptitude software, new “builds” of the software are released with incremental improvements. You can see which build of the software you are using by going to Help>About… from the main toolbar.

For details on what has changed in the latest version, see the new features page and the Maptitude 2024 PDF.

If you have Maptitude 2024, you can get the latest version of Maptitude 2024 by going to Help>Check for Updates and clicking on the link.


Below are the release notes for the different builds of Maptitude:

Build # Ship Date Release Notes
6000 2/28/2024 Initial Release
Increased processing speed in the Multiple Vehicle Routing tool
    Improved geocoding for Canada
    Fixed loading of dataviews when adding external layers
    Improved behavior of running total fields when selecting/deselecting areas
    Web Geocoding now defaults to using unlocated points


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