Why does my new license say that it’s expired?

If you recently purchased a new Maptitude license and attemped to activate, you may have gotten the message: “Your request was not validated by the server. Your license is expired. Please contact Caliper”:

This indicates that your license may be stuck on the trial version. Re-running the Maptitude installer program and inputting your new serial number, xxx-xxx-xxx…, should fix the problem. The serial number is 15 characters, begins with MAP, and has the format MAP-123-ABC-456-DEF.

Note that you should not have to download anything new, you should be able to re-install Maptitude from the already downloaded installer files. For details, please see: https://www.caliper.com/learning/articles/installing-from-the-data-files/


For more on common activation issues and solutions, see: https://www.caliper.com/learning/articles/common-activation-issues-and-solutions/

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