How do I add users to, renew, or cancel my subscription?

How Do I Renew My Subscription?

If you have a subscription for Maptitude or Maptitude Online, you can view when this expires and manage it using our online store page.

When you first made your subscription, you created a customer store account in the Caliper store. Click the button along the top bar to access your account.

Once you’ve opened your account, go to the “My Subscription” tab and click on the “Renew now” button to renew your subscription.

How Do I Add Users to My Subscription?

You can add users to a Maptitude Online subscription. Go to our online store page, select “Maptitude Online – Add User” and enter your existing Maptitude Online serial number. Please see the following article if you do not know your Maptitude Online serial number.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

Cancellation and management of your Product subscription is available within the Caliper Store or via email to To cancel a subscription, use “My Account” within the Caliper Store to turn auto-renew off in your account, here: Your current subscription will be active until the expiration date. You can turn on auto-renew before the end date to continue your subscription.


Why Can I Still Not Access Maptitude Online After Renewing?

If you are experiencing difficulty accessing Maptitude Online, please see the following article on troubleshooting these issues.

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