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Online Mapping Software for MAC

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GIS Software for Mac

Maptitude is a leading mapping software that provides Mac users with a comprehensive solution to analyze and understand the impact of geography on their business. With powerful geographic tools, interactive maps, and demographic data, Maptitude empowers businesses to uncover hidden trends and gain valuable insights into their operations. Whether you are looking for business mapping, route planning, sales territory mapping, or general map software, Maptitude is the ideal choice for Mac users.

Julio Briones

“Great product for the money. It is a very easy product to use and the online function makes it easy to share with clients.”

Julio Briones
CEO, Briones Consulting Group

Create drive-time rings around map features

Determine drive-time or distance rings at any interval

Build custom sales territories and districts

Build custom territories based on areas, proximity, or drive time

Whether you prefer desktop mapping software or the convenience of an online solution, Maptitude offers powerful mapping capabilities optimized for Mac users. With its native compatibility, advanced features, and intuitive interfaces, Maptitude and Maptitude Online provide Mac users with the tools they need to effectively analyze and visualize spatial data. Choose Maptitude for your Mac device and unlock the full potential of mapping technology.

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Desktop Mapping Software for Mac

Looking for professional mapping software that seamlessly integrates with your Mac? Look no further! Maptitude offers powerful desktop mapping software specifically designed for Mac users. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, Maptitude provides an exceptional mapping experience that caters to the unique needs of Mac users. The key benefits and features of Maptitude as the go-to desktop mapping software for Mac users are:

Native Mac Compatibility

Maptitude is optimized to run on Windows on Mac devices, ensuring a smooth and seamless user experience. Whether you have an Intel CPU or the latest ARM M1/M2 chip, Maptitude can be easily installed and run on your Mac system.

Intuitive User Interface

Maptitude boasts a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both experienced GIS professionals and beginners alike. Mac users can quickly navigate through the software, access various tools, and customize their workspace according to their preferences. With its intuitive and visually appealing interface, Maptitude provides a seamless mapping experience on your Mac device.

Advanced Mapping Features

Maptitude offers a rich set of mapping features that cater to various industries and use cases. Whether you are in logistics, sales, marketing, or urban planning, Maptitude provides an extensive range of tools for analyzing, visualizing, and presenting spatial data. From creating thematic maps and conducting spatial analyses to advanced routing and geocoding functionalities, Maptitude equips Mac users with the essential tools needed to make informed decisions.

Seamless Data Import and Export

Maptitude supports various data formats, allowing Mac users to easily import and export data for analysis and visualization. Whether it's importing shapefiles, geodatabases, CSV files, or connecting to popular databases, Maptitude ensures effortless data integration. The software also enables users to export their maps and analysis results into various formats, including PDF, PNG, or KMZ, for easy sharing and collaboration.

Locate your customers on a map

Customize feature styles, color themes, charts, and more

Create drive-time rings around map features

Identify weighted concentrations of features and over- and under-served areas

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Rudy Banerjee

“Maptitude is at least two standard deviations above the rest of the competition. Maptitude designers seem to foresee the future well ahead and requires way fewer design UI (user interface) upgrades than the competitors -- almost Apple like confidence in its UI.”

Rudy Banerjee
Associate Professor, IUPUI

Online Mapping Software for Mac: Unlocking the Power of Data Mapping

Online mapping software for mac on an imac monitor

Are you a Mac user looking for web-based mapping software that provides flexibility and convenience? Look no further! Maptitude Online offers a comprehensive suite of mapping capabilities accessible directly from your Mac browser. Designed to cater to the needs of Mac users, Maptitude Online is a robust and feature-rich mapping solution that eliminates the need for Windows installations. The key features and advantages of Maptitude Online as a leading online mapping software for Mac users are:

Platform Compatibility

Maptitude Online is optimized to run on any Mac device, allowing users to access powerful mapping functionalities from their web browsers. Whether you are using macOS or OS X on a MacBook, iMac, or Mac Pro, Maptitude Online ensures a responsive and seamless mapping experience without the need for additional software or virtualization.

Web-based Convenience

With Maptitude Online, Mac users can access their mapping projects from any location with internet access. No longer tied to a specific device, Maptitude Online allows for flexibility and collaborative workflows. Seamlessly access your maps, analysis results, and data from multiple devices, making remote work and sharing effortless.

Extensive Mapping Capabilities

Maptitude Online offers a wide range of mapping tools and features that cater to various industries and applications. Whether you need to create and edit maps, conduct spatial analyses, or visualize data through heat maps or thematic displays, Maptitude Online equips Mac users with powerful geospatial capabilities directly within their browsers.

Easy Data Management and Sharing

Maptitude Online enables users to effortlessly import, manage, and share spatial data. Whether it's uploading shapefiles, connecting to cloud databases, or integrating data from online sources, Maptitude Online ensures seamless data integration. Additionally, Mac users can easily share their maps and analysis results with colleagues, clients, or stakeholders through secure and user-friendly sharing options.

Maptitude Online map for Mac showing cluster theme of stores in Southern California

Mac users can visualize data with Maptitude Online

Maptitude Online map for Mac with buffers around a point location

Mac users can analyze data with buffers, catchment areas, and weighted center analysis

Try an interactive Maptitude Online map now!

Map Legend

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Data Mapping Software for Mac: Unleash the Potential of Your Data

Maptitude mapping software makes it easy to visualize and make sense of vast amounts of customer, employee, sales, facility, and territory data. By overlaying your data onto interactive maps, you can precisely pinpoint the locations of your customers, identify areas with the highest sales, and uncover over- and under-served regions. With Maptitude, you can make data-driven decisions based on a solid understanding of the geographical patterns within your data.

Business Mapping Software for Mac: Empower Your Business Insight

Maptitude provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help you analyze and interpret the geographical aspects of your business. By visualizing your data on maps, you can quickly identify hotspots, trends, and patterns that may not be apparent when looking at spreadsheets or databases alone. With Maptitude, you can gain valuable insights into market segmentation, competitor analysis, and business expansion opportunities. Take your business intelligence to the next level with the Maptitude business mapping software for Mac.

Route Planning Software for Mac: Optimize Your Logistics

Efficient route planning is vital for businesses that rely on transportation or delivery services. the Maptitude route planning software for Mac enables you to optimize your logistics by finding the most efficient routes and minimizing travel time. With Maptitude, you can visualize routes on a map, calculate driving or delivery distances, and even generate turn-by-turn directions. Improve your operational efficiency and reduce costs with the Maptitude route planning software for Mac.

Estimate populations around locations on a map

Use the included demographics to estimate populations

Delivery routes for multiple depots and time windows

Plan cost-effective deliveries with time windows and capacity constraints

Sales Territory Mapping Software for Mac: Maximize Your Sales Potential

For businesses with sales teams, effective territory mapping is crucial for maximizing sales potential. the Maptitude sales territory mapping software for Mac empowers you to define and visualize sales territories based on various criteria, including customer locations, sales volumes, or demographic information. With Maptitude, you can balance workloads, identify untapped markets, and ensure fair distribution of resources to boost sales performance.

MapPoint for Mac: Maptitude is the Next-Generation Solution

For Mac users seeking an alternative to MapPoint, Maptitude is the perfect solution. Maptitude overcomes the limitations of MapPoint by providing advanced mapping capabilities, user-friendly interfaces, and comprehensive data options designed specifically for Mac users. With Maptitude, you can seamlessly transition from MapPoint to a more powerful and feature-rich mapping software that is compatible with your Mac.

Mac Mapping Software: Unleash Your Mapping Potential

Maptitude is an all-in-one mapping solution for Mac users. With its data mapping capabilities, businesses can unlock hidden insights, optimize logistics through route planning, maximize sales potential with territory mapping, and seamlessly transition from MapPoint. Maptitude empowers Mac users with powerful tools and interactive maps to visualize and understand the impact of geography on their business operations. Choose Maptitude and unlock the power of mapping on your Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use GIS software on a Mac?

Yes, you can use GIS software on a Mac. Most GIS applications are native to Windows. If your Mac has an Intel CPU, you can use virtualization software such as VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop to run Windows, or indeed you can also boot up your machine natively in Windows using Apple’s Boot Camp software. Any of these solutions works very well for running Maptitude GIS.

Is there GIS software for Mac?

Yes, Maptitude GIS software can be enabled to run on Apple Mac ARM M1/M2 chips with Windows. Please contact Sales for the ARM enabled version.   If you do not have Windows on your MAC, Maptitude GIS can be accessed remotely from your MAC to a PC. If you have access to a PC you could allow MAC users to access the software remotely.

What is the GIS data viewer for Mac? (I don't have Windows)

Whether you are using macOS or OS X on a MacBook, iMac, or Mac Pro, Maptitude Online GIS provides an ever expanding list of intuitive and powerful features and is a great solution for Mac users because it does not require Windows or a local installation.

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