Financial Assets (2020)

The FREE Financial Assets Data layer contains per-capita estimates of financial asset holdings. The layer contains 56 fields of various financial class assets such as bank accounts, stocks, bonds, insurance policies, businesses, real estate, and more.

Available File Formats:

Price: FREE For users of the current version of Maptitude or TransCAD

Data Fields Included:

IRA and KEOGH accts
401k 403b 503b + Thrift Sav. Plan accts
Indiv-owned interest-earning check accts
Indiv-owned non-int-earning check accts
Indiv-owned savings accts
Indiv-owned moneymarket accts
Indiv-owned certificates of deposits
Indiv-owned government securities
Indiv-owned munic + corporate bonds
Indiv-owned mutual funds
Indiv-owned stocks
Indiv-owned rental properties
Face value of life insurance policies
Cash value of life insurance policies
Value of other real estate owned
Value of equity in annuities
Value of equity in trusts
Value of businesses owned as a job
Value of businesses owned as an invest.
Total value of other financial invest.
Joint-owned interest-earning check accts
Joint-owned non-int-earning check accts
Joint-owned savings accts
Joint-owned moneymarket accts
Joint-owned certificates of deposit
Joint-owned government securities
Joint-owned municipal + corporate bonds
Joint-owned mutual funds

Joint-owned stocks
Joint-owned rental properties
Joint-owned other real estate
Assets held at financial institutions
Value of other interest-earning assets
Value of stocks and mutual funds
Value of rental properties
Value of other real estate
Value of other assets
Value of retirement accts
Value of business(es)
Value of educational savings accts
Value of all vehicles
Value of owner-occ. primary residence
Person-level sum of all asset values
Monthly rent, mortgage, & util payments
Debt against joint-owned rental property
Debt against indiv-owned rental property
Debt against joint-owned other RE
Total debt against other RE owned
Debt against businesses owned as job
Debt against businesses owned as invest
Shared CC debt or bills owed jointly
CC and store bills owed in own name
Shared education expenses owed jointly
Education expenses owed in own name
Shared other debts owed jointly
Other debts owed in own name only

Maptitude map of individual assets