Address Point Rooftop Data

A point layer of addresses is available for Maptitude 2020 users who are also licensed to use the USA Country Package. The layer contains 48,644,837 addresses in 22 states and the District of Columbia and is perfect for direct mail campaigns, door-to-door canvassing, rooftop accuracy visualizations, and assisting with deliveries.

Available File Formats:

Available in Caliper CDF format for use with the latest version of Maptitude and TransCAD. To learn about data availability in other GIS file formats, please contact a Caliper data expert today by emailing or by calling us at +1 617-527-4700.

Price: FREE For users of the latest version of Maptitude with the USA Country Package

Maptitude street map with U.S. address point layer

Maptitude map with U.S. address point rooftop data layer

Maptitude map showing national coverage of the Maptitude address point data

Address point coverage