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Featured Testimonial: School Redistricting

The problem of school redistricting is related to that of political redistricting, and Maptitude is the dominant software product in that industry (see clients). The Maptitude product suite has many tools for school planners including a comprehensive redistricting system. School District Master Planning is supported through the combination of Maptitude and EMPAC.


There are many school districts and consultants using Maptitude for school redistricting, and the customer experience below speaks for itself: 


Maptitude school redistricting software
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"In 2013, my company made a decision to move from our existing GIS platform to Maptitude. We did this because our GIS had high annual licensing fees and expensive extensions. At first, my GIS analyst was concerned about such a sudden change, but he was able to get proficient in only about a week. Within two weeks, he was very comfortable handling his normal workload.


My firm serves school districts around the country, providing maps and demographic data to help with enrollment planning. Since changing to Maptitude, several clients have commented that the maps are easier to read, and provide more information than we used to be able to provide under our previous GIS. It was a good move. I just wish I had done it sooner.  


Thank you for saving me about $5,000, which is what I estimated a similar product would cost me."

"Thank you for saving me about $5,000, which is what I estimated a similar product would cost me."

-Preston Smith, Owner, Business Information Services

Featured Maptitude Maps: Guns, Marriage, Voting, Cars: What Americans Google by State (USA)   

What do people most need in your state? Apparently voting information (19 states), car registrations (11 states), drivers licenses (6 states), marriage licenses and guns (5 states each) according to Google searches. Other top search results included how to obtain an ID in Illinois and New Mexico, how to start a business in Florida, and what is needed to live in Hawaii.


Caliper created the map below with Google Autocomplete, typing "What do I need in [insert state here]" into Google for each state, and then marking down the most commonly searched-for term.


Featured Maptitude maps

The second featured map shows the per capita 2012 carbon dioxide emissions by state in metric tons. The lowest emissions are in the District of Columbia at just 4.8 tons per capita, followed by New York (7.9 tons), Vermont (8.0 tons), Connecticut and Massachusetts (8.9 tons), and California (9.1 tons). By contrast, the low-population energy-producing states have the highest per capita CO2 emissions with Wyoming (115.8 tons), North Dakota (81.2 tons), and Alaska (52.8 tons) topping the list.

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Tech Tip: How Do I Create a Ring that Encompasses Healthcare Providers?

Rings encompassing 50 anesthesiologists in San Diego and Chula VistaMaptitude allows you to see how big the area is that you will need to visit in relation to the number of healthcare providers that you want to target.

Maptitude can create rings so that they contain a particular value such as number of doctor offices. For a video tutorial see: Creating Overlays and Buffers.

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Tricks & Tips: Change the Style of the Healthcare Categories 

Change the style of point icons with image files

You can use any font or picture file, including those in formats such as GIF, ICO, TIF, BMP, JPG, PNG, and EMF, as the style for point features in a map.


In the Display Manager, expand a layer such as "Healthcare Provider", and then expand the Feature Display item beneath it. Click on the Pharmacist style sample. Choose Color Image and click Three Dot Button next to the File item. Browse for the Pharmacy.bmp file and click Open. Click OK to see your new style in the map.

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