Maptitude Training

18-20 June 2024

Caliper Corporation invites you to attend one of our upcoming Maptitude training classes. Classes are taught in a virtual classroom and you can attend for one, two, or all three days.

The three days of classroom training cover materials valuable to both new and existing users of Maptitude. Day 3 provides time to work with your own data with a Maptitude trainer. Below is an overview for each day of training:

Overview Day 1: Basic Maptitude

  • Use Create-a-Map Wizard to quickly map and analyze your data, apply styles, and add themes
  • Learn how you can use Maptitude to map and analyze data
  • Control map layers and their settings with the Display Manager
  • Visualize your data using thematic tools including color, symbol, pattern, scaled-symbol, chart, dot-density, and 3D themes
  • Learn the basics of data management such as clicking on a map to view information for that location
  • Learn how to create and use multiple, named selection sets (database filters)

Overview Day 2: Intermediate Maptitude

  • Add imagery backgrounds to your maps such as USGS aerial photos & topographic tiles
  • Learn how to work with tables
  • Map only your area of interest for analysis and display
  • Locate your data by address, ZIP Code, city, pointing, and coordinate
  • Update your map with changes made to your data source such as Excel
  • Use GIS analytical tools to create circular buffers and "hot-spot" density grids
  • Present your data using report layouts and use your maps in other programs

Overview Day 3: Professional Maptitude

  • Select (filter) records and map features based on attributes and location
  • Learn how to create drive-time and distance polygons, as well as best routes
  • Use logistics to create distance and travel time tables and to find the best site location
  • Use the powerful district and territory creation tools, including non-overlapping zones, as-the-crow-flies service areas, overlapping zones, and street-based districts
  • Learn how to create and customize reports and how to extract data from Maptitude
  • Get valuable map display and styling tips
  • Learn about Maptitude file management best practices

Location and Schedule:

By attending the training you gain access to experienced and knowledgeable Caliper staff who can aid you with your immediate project, analysis, and data needs.

Classes are taught in a virtual classroom.


  • Classes start at 10:00AM Eastern Time
  • Breaks at mid-morning and mid-afternoon
  • One-hour break for lunch
  • Classes end at 4:00PM Eastern Time

Costs and registration:

  • Classroom courses are $1500 for three classes, $1000 for two classes, and $500 for a single class
  • Advance registration and payment are required
  • If you would like to register please register online

If you have any questions or require custom training at your facility anywhere in the USA, please call Caliper Training at 617-527-4700.

We look forward to seeing you.