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Redistricting, Territory Alignment, & Boundary Revisions

Every ten years, in a process that profoundly impacts American politics – the legislative districts are redrawn to determine who votes where. 

Sample Maptitude map of health care data and analysis
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The Constitution requires that a population count, the decennial Census, serve as the basis for redistricting, after which Congressional districts are reapportioned among the states and then each state is divided into districts of equal population. State legislatures and many local governments work the same way. Since the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the redrawing of state and congressional lines must also maximize any clear opportunity for minorities to elect candidates of their choosing. 

Maptitude mapping software is the dominant redistricting application ( Maptitude enables serious non-partisan opposition to be mounted to proposed districts, while enabling redistricting bodies to robustly defend new delineations. Simply put, Maptitude for Redistricting can be used to support the fully transparent and open process that is required to produce boundaries worthy of a democratic process.

You can leverage Maptitude's capabilities for political campaigning, school redistricting, political redistricting, service area delineation, and territory creation. Information on the available Maptitude solutions is available here.

"It’s light years ahead. The software can do so much more, so much more quickly."

-Karl Aro, Director Maryland Dept. of Legislative Services 


Featured Maptitude Maps: Star Wars Locations; Where in the World is Obama?

Featured Maptitude maps

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Tech Tip: How Do I Filter Healthcare Locations by Taxonomy?

Single taxonomy Maptitude mapMaptitude allows you to filter healthcare locations by taxonomy code. You will first need to download the five free healthcare layers here. These map layers include the taxonomy codes and descriptions for each location, e.g., Psychiatric Hospital (283Q00000X), Military Hospital (286500000X), General Acute Care Hospital Children (282NC2000X), Physical Therapy (261QP2000X). You can also filter using Medicare charges and payments.

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Tricks & Tips: View Detailed Maps For Anywhere In The World

Virtual Earth Web Map Layer in Maptitude

Maptitude makes it easy to access free imagery from the Internet for any location in the world. Maptitude Web Map Layers give you access to satellite and imagery from several internet sources. For example, via Tools-Imagery-Web Map Layers you can add detailed maps from OpenStreetMap.  

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