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Healthcare Compliance Mapping

Accountable care and access to electronic health records are driving the use of the Maptitude mapping software by health care providers to improve the health of their communities. Maptitude is widely used to better target care interventions, to reduce readmissions, and to help hospitals qualify for incentives for service improvement.

There are many additional areas where Maptitude can meet the requirements of health care providers:

In addition, your data are more secure with Maptitude because you can do all of your analysis and mapping off-line and free from the cloud.

"AHCT's Plan Management team procured a software system, Maptitude, in June 2014 that will be used to help determine the carrier's compliance with network adequacy requirements."

-Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange 

  Free Healthcare Data

Sample Maptitude map of health care data and analysis
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Featured Maptitude Maps: Toxic & Polluted States, Coal is King, Where Renewables Reign

Featured Maptitude maps

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Tech Tip: How Do I Create Rings/Radii From My Excel Data?

USB GPS deviceMaptitude allows you to create "variable size" rings/radii that are created automatically at a size specified for each location. For example, you can build buffers based on transmitter range for telecommunication towers, the free delivery areas for different restaurants, or the predefined service areas for a list of stores.

» Learn How Here

International: Beta Menu Translation Tool: Arabic

This month we have released a new add-in that translates the Maptitude menu items into Arabic. The beta translation tools for Arabic and other languages are available here.

Tricks & Tips: Zooming with the Map Locator 

The Map Locator tool is a window that shows a map overview for each Maptitude 2015 map. You can single click on this overview to recenter the map and you can click and drag on the overview to zoom the map.

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» Miami Herald: Plaintiffs: Time for Supreme Court to draw redistricting after legislative failure    

» Tampa Bay Times: Challengers ask court to take over Florida's redistricting  

» Reclaim The American Dream: The Green Light for Voter Reform of Gerrymandering   

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