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Maptitude Testimonials:

We are very proud that we can bring the power and flexibility of Maptitude to the market at only a fraction of the cost of comparable systems. Making sure that we offer great value has always gone hand-in-hand with a focus on usability and customer support. This month we are pleased to be able share two recent testimonials from customers in the healthcare sector that love Maptitude: 

"A few years ago I was asked if I could build a map with dots representing all of our patients. That was simple enough, but not very helpful. When I presented the map, it created more questions than it answered. On top of that, it was not very user friendly for a non technical person to create or present.

I can now deliver the maps via email and there is no need for me to attend the meetings just to run the maps. This has changed how we make decisions on where to place clinics and dialysis centers. It also helps us make decisions on what clinics to grow and increase staffing to. It has become a critical part of the strategic planning retreats."

Philip Moya, San Antonio Kidney Disease Center

"It is easy to figure out and does a good job at building basic maps out of spreadsheets. The maps are good looking and add a lot of value to data presentations without a significant time or effort outlay. I was able to make a point about regional market share that would have been very difficult to make without this software."

G2 Crowd User in Hospital & Health Care

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Sample Maptitude map of health care and provider facilities around the Mayo Clinic

Featured Maptitude Maps: Jedi Knights, Daytime Population,  Largest Banks

Featured Maptitude maps

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Tech Tip: How Do I Use a USB GPS Device Connected to a Surface Tablet with Maptitude 2015?

USB GPS deviceThis Tech Tip was written using a Microsoft USB GPS device connected to a Microsoft Surface Tablet running Windows 8.1 Pro, using Maptitude 2015 64 BIT Version with the 2015 USA Country Package.

» Learn How Here

International: Beta Menu Translation Tool: German

German MenuThis month we have released a new add-in that translates the Maptitude menu items into German. The beta translation tools for German and other languages are available here

Tricks & Tips: Opening Microsoft Streets & Trips and AutoRoute Files in Maptitude 2015 

Maptitude 2015 can open territory and pushpin layers from Microsoft MapPoint PTM files. Maptitude 2015 also supports Microsoft Streets & Trips EST files and AutoRoute AXE files. However, the EST and AXE file extensions have to be renamed to be PTM in order for Maptitude 2015 to recognize them. In upcoming Maptitude releases, these file types will all be explicitly supported in the interface.  

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» Caliper Offers Updated Germany Data for Use with Maptitude 2015    

» Mass incarceration in America, explained in 28 maps and charts  

» Business Insider: This map reveals everything that's wrong with the way Americans get to work   

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