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December 3, 2015

Maptitude: A Brand You Can Trust

Maptitude is a robust and easy-to-use professional mapping application that can be used within almost any industry. Caliper Corporation, founded in 1983, first released Maptitude in 1995 and the product has benefitted from two decades of user focused development to ensure that the software meets our customers' needs.

Maptitude Map Illustration

Our sustained growth has been noted by an increasing number of sources. For example, CIO Magazine called Caliper Corporation one of the most promising geographic information software solution providers. "So what makes Maptitude different from other similar products?” CIO Magazine asked, “First released in 1995, the tool is specifically designed for data visualization and geographic analysis; it also provides expanded functionality, easy-to-use, cost-effective, and updated technology."

Caliper Corporation was also identified as a Prominent Vendor in the GIS market in the banking, financial services and institutions (BFSI) sector by Sandler Research. This is a sector that is expected to experience a growth rate of 8.43 percent over the period 2013-2018. We strive to support our banking clients with the inclusion of features such as banking compliance datasets; and as we do for all the markets we serve such as health care (see more.)

Leading online geospatial magazine, Directions, rated the Caliper website home page design an “A-grade,” stating that Caliper “focuses 100% on its products and solutions.” Caliper’s focus comes from our core organizational beliefs— whether it is our website, our user guides, our support services, or any of our industry leading software products—we take pride in delivering cost-effective solutions that allow our users to leverage the value in their data.

Caliper has seen many Maptitude competitors fall away, most recently the Microsoft MapPoint product. But we have always adhered to the belief that mapping applications can be both powerful and affordable, an approach that has left Maptitude as the dominant product for those needing a low-cost, intuitive, but surprisingly powerful mapping system.

At Caliper we thrive on being challenged and using our expertise to imagine, innovate, and explore. Here, the best and brightest experts in transportation planning, traffic simulation, and GIS/mapping create cutting-edge software to help our customers explore their geographic opportunities.


 “My bank just purchased the Maptitude software for our assessment area mapping project, and I just love it. You import all your data into the software from an Excel spreadsheet.”

Compliance Officer, The Bank of Commerce
White Castle, Louisiana


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