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    October 2013
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Learn how Maptitude can help your organization:

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Caliper continues to offer new Country Packages for use with Maptitude, including:

Maptitude Mapping Software for the USA United States

Maptitude Mapping Software for Argentina Argentina

Maptitude Mapping Software for Australia Australia

Maptitude Mapping Software for Brazil Brazil

Maptitude Mapping Software for Canada Canada

Maptitude Mapping Software for Chile Chile

Maptitude Mapping Software for Colombia Colombia

Maptitude Mapping Software for Ecuador Ecuador

Maptitude Mapping Software for France France

Maptitude Mapping Software for Germany Germany

Maptitude Mapping Software for India India

Maptitude Mapping Software for Ireland Ireland

Maptitude Mapping Software for Italy Italy

Maptitude Mapping Software for Mexico Mexico

Maptitude Mapping Software for Netherlands Netherlands

Maptitude Mapping Software for New Zealand New Zealand

Maptitude Mapping Software for Portugal Portugal

Maptitude Mapping Software for South Africa South Africa

Maptitude Mapping Software for Spain Spain

Maptitude Mapping Software for the UK United Kingdom


Focus On Maptitude:
Maptitude: Better Maps & Better Results

"Maptitude has radically altered GIS economics by including demographic data that in the past would have cost tens of thousands of dollars."  Los Angeles Times

Maptitude is a professional strength product and brings the highest quality location-based tools and information to our customers. Maptitude includes commercial grade maps from Here, a division of Nokia, that are considered to be the best in the industry. The Atlantic states that "Nokia Has Better Maps Than Apple and Maybe Even Google". 

Maptitude presents these maps as highly attractive and professional-grade graphics right out-of-the-box. No other Mapping system combines such an extensive amount of up-to-date data in presentation ready formats.

Not only that, but with Maptitude you can perform unlimited address and postal matching (also called pin-mapping or geocoding) allowing you to locate even the largest customer database for analysis.

Maptitude Mapping Software"The difference between Maptitude and similar products is that it is shockingly easy to use. After a few hours with most GIS packages I'm ready to throw myself on the couch, a pint of Ben and Jerry's in one hand, TV remote in the other. Not so with Maptitude." GCN

Maptitude makes it easy to create the maps you need. Please contact our Maptitude Sales Team with any questions.  

Price: Maptitude costs US$695 & upgrades are US$395 per user/license, with a free download. Order online at the Caliper Store now or call Maptitude Sales (USA) at +1 617-527-4700.

You need the newest maps, the latest demographics, and the fastest, most
intuitive Maptitude!
Buy Maptitude mapping softwareBuy Maptitude mapping software
Maptitude Classroom Training:
Limited Availability! Maptitude 2013 Training:
UK London, England /  USA Boston, MA 

Maptitude Mapping Software Training DatesThe next scheduled instructor-led training courses will be December 16-17 in London, England (UK) and March 3-5 in Boston MA (USA). Advance registration is required.

The new and updated curriculum reflects the features in Maptitude 2013.

Space is limited, so register online as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please call Maptitude Training (USA) at +1 617-527-4700, or send an e-mail to


Caliper also offers several training options: 

 • Instructor-led classroom training
 • Private training
 • Web-based training
 • Free Learning Resources
 • Free Mapping Software Webinars

Maptitude Spotlight:
Using Outdated Data & Technology? Upgrade to Maptitude 2013!

Maptitude 2013 Is HereUsers of Maptitude 2012 and Maptitude 6.0 can still get our US$395 reduced upgrade pricing. This deal saves you US$300! Upgrade now to avoid being caught out by using last year's features and data.

Also, each US order will include a free US ZIP Code update: a US$250 value! The combination of the offer and free data saves you US$550!

Maptitude 2013 is a major new release. Upgrade to get the most detailed and accurate data and demographics ever included. 

For pricing and ordering information please visit the Mapping Software Storee-mail Maptitude Sales, or call U.S. Sales at +1 617-527-4700. 

Limited Offer: Valid for Maptitude 6.0 or later. Restrictions Apply.

Buy Maptitude Mapping Software Data

Tech Tip:
Analyze Crime Hotspots

Maptitude Map of Chicago Homicide Hotspots 2013Because most crime data have specific locations, it is easy to add the locations of accidents, citation issuances, arrests, registered sex offenders, suspects, and crime locations to a map. Maptitude analysis tools then let you determine spatial patterns and hotspots for various types of crimes. By identifying spatial patterns, law enforcement resources can be more effectively deployed for crime analysis and prevention.  

Maptitude is widely used to conduct crime mapping research and throughout the emergency services sector to prioritize law enforcement activities. For example, drug or prostitution stings can be based on where those crimes are most prevalent, and sobriety checkpoints can be identified by examining the locations of arrests and accidents involving impaired drivers. By cross-referencing data from multiple sources, such as crime incidents and suspects, it is even possible to prioritize an investigation for a connected series of crimes such as rape or arson.

The following steps illustrate how to create hot-spots around locations and to identify those peaks that require attention from law enforcement:

  1. Choose File-New, choose Map from the New File dialog box, and click OK. This brings you to the Create-a-Map Wizard.

  2. Choose the Map of my own data option.

  3. Browse for the Excel file containing your data. Choose the sheet in the Excel workbook that contains your data and has fields such as address and postal code. Click OK.

  4. Follow the prompts for locating your data by address until you reach the Type of Analysis step in the Create-a-Map Wizard.

  5. Choose the Density option. Click Next and follow the prompts. Maptitude creates a map of your data.

  6. Choose the Density of Your Data layer from the drop-down list on the toolbar at the top of the Maptitude screen to specify the working layer.

  7. In the Display Manager turn off the layer Your Data by clicking on the green check.

  8. Choose Tools-Surface Analysis-3D Map to display the 3D Map Properties dialog box.

  9. Choose DATA from the Field drop-down list, choose Miles or Kilometers from the Units drop-down list, and click OK. Maptitude creates a 3D figure window of your data.

  10. Use the tools and spinners in the 3D Toolbox to modify the 3D figure. For example, change the exaggeration value to make the peaks higher or lower.

To insert your results into a presentation you can choose File-Save As for each window to export your map and figure for use outside of Maptitude.  

Featured Maptitude Maps:
Law Enforcement & Crime Mapping    

Maptitude Chicago Homicides and Household Income MapThis month we showcase two maps created by Lucas Mapping Solutions.

The first map (top right) shows the locations of all of the homicides in Chicago during 2012, broken down by race. Also shown is the percentage of households with a household income less than $25,000 per year.

The second map (bottom right) again shows the locations of all of the homicides in Chicago overlayed with data showing the percentage of households with a husband and wife in the household.

Maptitude Chicago Homicides Two-Parent HouseholdsMore Featured Maps...

If you would like to see your maps showcased here, please contact Caliper.


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