USA 5-Digit ZIP Code Boundaries & 3-Digit ZIP Code Boundaries

If you make business decisions based on postal data, Caliper ZIP Code updates will ensure you are using the latest information. The Caliper ZIP Code Data package contains a nationwide area database with ZIP Codes for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the territories. It also includes a point database of ZIP Code centroids and 3-digit ZIP Code Areas for the entire country. Caliper updates this to provide up-to-date access to United States Postal Service changes.

The 5-Digit ZIP Codes data product is refreshed twice a year. If your Maptitude is more than six months old you can update to the most up-to-date nationwide United States Postal Service ZIP Code definitions and create the most accurate ZIP Code maps

The updates reflect the latest Post Office ZIP Code changes including:

  • Areas created for college campuses, government facilities, office buildings, etc.
  • Boundaries adjusted for ZIP Code areas to more closely reflect carrier routes.
  • Updates to ZIP Codes based on Postal Bulletin Changes to reflect ones that were created, changed, or discontinued.

Both 5-Digit ZIP Code and 3-Digit ZIP Code boundaries are provided and include the latest Census, American Community Survey, ZIP Code Business Pattern, and Buying Power data. A 5-Digit ZIP Code point layer is also provided.

Available File Formats:

Price: $250 Single User License*

Data Fields Included:

Includes 25 fields of ZIP Code Business Patterns (ZBP) data and 2 fields of Rural-Urban Commuting Area (RUCA) Codes:

Total Mid-March Employees
Total 1st Qtr Payroll
Total Annual Payroll
Total Establishments
Ag/Forestry/Fishing/Hunting Establishments
Mining/Quarrying/Oil & Gas Establishments
Utilities Establishments
Construction Establishments
Manufacturing Establishments
Wholesale Trade Establishments
Retail Trade Establishments
Transportation/Warehousing Establishments
Information Establishments

Finance/Insurance Establishments
Real Estate Establishments
Prof./Science/Tech Services Establishments
Management Establishments
Admin/Support and Waste Mgmt Establishments
Educational Services Establishments
Health Care/Social Assistance Establishments
Arts/Entertainment/Recreation Establishments
Accommodation/Food Services Establishments
Other Services Establishments
Unclassified Establishments
Rural-Urban Commuting Area Type

Includes 5 fields of buying power (disposable income) estimates:

Total Aggregate Buying Power (available personal income after taxes)
Married Couple Aggregate Buying Power
Male Householders Aggregate Buying Power
Female Householders Aggregate Buying Power
Nonfamily Householders Aggregate Buying Power

Includes 3 fields of healthcare data:

Hospital Beds
Healthcare Providers

Includes 45 fields of demographic data from the 2020 Census:

Population 18+
   Black or African American
   Native American
   2 or More Races
   White; Black or African American
   White; Native American
   White; Asian
   Black; Native American
   White alone or in part
   Black alone or in part
   Native American alone or in part
   Asian alone or in part
   Hawaiian alone or in part
   Some other race alone or in part
Housing Units

Hispanic Origin
Not Hispanic
   Non-Hispanic: White
   Non-Hispanic: Black or African American
   Non-Hispanic: Native American
   Non-Hispanic: Asian
   Non-Hispanic: Other
   Non-Hispanic: 2 or More Races
   Non-Hispanic: White; Black or African American
   Non-Hispanic: White; Native American
   Non-Hispanic: White; Asian
   Non-Hispanic: Black; Native American
In Group Quarters
   Other noninstitutionalized

Includes 97 fields of demographic data from the 2010 Census:

Male Population
Female Population
Age<5 (Male, & Female)
Age 5 to 9 (Male, & Female)
Age 10 to 14 (Male, & Female)
Age 15 to 17 (Male, & Female)
Age 18 to 19 (Male, & Female)
Age 20 (Male, & Female)
Age 21 (Male, & Female)
Age 22 to 24 (Male, & Female)
Age 25 to 29 (Male, & Female)
Age 30 to 34 (Male, & Female)
Age 35 to 39 (Male, & Female)
Age 40 to 44 (Male, & Female)
Age 45 to 49 (Male, & Female)
Age 50 to 54 (Male, & Female)
Age 55 to 59 (Male, & Female)
Age 60 to 61 (Male, & Female)
Age 62 to 64 (Male, & Female)
Age 65 to 66 (Male, & Female)
Age 67 to 69 (Male, & Female)
Age 70 to 74 (Male, & Female)
Age 75 to 79 (Male, & Female)
Age 80 to 84 (Male, & Female)
Age 85+ (Male, & Female)
Median Age (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 18+ (Total, Male, & Female)
Age 21+
Age 62+
Age 65+ (Total, Male, & Female)
People in Households

People in Family Households  
   Householder (Total, Male, & Female)  
   Other Relative
People in Non-Family Household
   Householder(Male & Female)
People in Group Quarters
   In Institutionalized Qtrs
   In Non-institutionalized Qtrs
Family Households
Family Households Husband/Wife
Family Households Other
   Male Householder
   Female Householder
Non-Family Households
   Living Alone
   Not Living Alone
Households w/ People <18
Households w/ People 65+
Average Household Size
Average Family Size
Housing Units
   Vacant Seasonal
Owner-Occupied Housing Units
Renter-Occupied Housing Units
Owner-Occ. Average Household Size
Renter-Occ. Average Household Size

Includes 434 fields of demographic data from the 2020 ACS:

HH_Median income
% HH_Median income change
HH_Mean income
% HH_Mean income change
HH_Income <$10K
HH_Income $10K-14,999
HH_Income $15K-24,999
HH_Income $25K-34,999
HH_Income $35K-49,999
HH_Income $50K-74,999
HH_Income $75K-99,999
HH_Income $100K-149,999
HH_Income $150K-199,999
HH_Income $200K+
% Population change
Age <5
Age 5 to 9
Age 10 to 14
Age 15 to 19
Age 20 to 24
Age 25 to 34
Age 35 to 44
Age 45 to 54
Age 55 to 59
Age 60 to 64
Age 65 to 74
Age 75 to 84
Age 85+
Median age
Age 21+
Age 62+
Age 18+
Male 18+
Female 18+
Age 65+
Male 65+
Female 65+
One race
American Indian
Some other race
2+ races
2+ races_White & Black
2+ races_White & Am Indian
2+ races_White & Asian
2+ races_Black & Am Indian
Part White
Part Black
Part American Indian
Part Asian
Part Hawaiian
Part Other
Hispanic or Latino
Not Hispanic or Latino
Not Hispanic_White
Not Hispanic_Black
Not Hispanic_Am Indian
Not Hispanic_Asian
Not Hispanic_Hawaiian
Not Hispanic_Other
Not Hispanic_2+ races
Not Hispanic_2+_Incl Other
Not Hispanic_2+_Excl Other
Housing units
Family households
Family HH_Own children<Age 18
Family HH_Married-couple family
Family HH_Married_Own children<18
Family HH_Male HHer
Family HH_Male HHer_Own children<18
Family HH_Female HHer
Family HH_Female HHer_Own child<18
Nonfamily households
Nonfamily HH_HHer living alone
Nonfamily HH_HHer living alone_65+
Households w/1+ people <18
Households w/1+ people 65+
Average household size
Average family size
Population in households
Other relatives
Males Age 15+
Males Age 15+_Never married
Males Age 15+_Now married
Males Age 15+_Separated
Males Age 15+_Widowed
Males Age 15+_Divorced
Females Age 15+
Females Age 15+_Never married
Females Age 15+_Now married
Females Age 15+_Separated
Females Age 15+_Widowed
Females Age 15+_Divorced
In school 3+
In school_Nursery/preschool
In school_Kindergarten
In school_Elementary
In school_High school
In school_College/grad school
Population 25+
25+_<9th grade
25+_9th to 12th grade, no diploma
25+_High school grad
25+_Some college, no degree
25+_Associate degree
25+_Bachelor's degree
25+_Grad or prof degree
25+_% HS grad or higher
25+_% bachelor's degree or higher
Civilian 18+
Civilian 18+_Veterans
Population 5+
5+_English only
5+_Other language
5+_Other lang_Eng<very well
5+_Other lang_Spanish
5+_Other lang_Sp_Eng<very well
5+_Other Indo-European
5+_Other lang_Indo-Eur_Eng<very well
5+_Other lang_Asian and Pacific Is
5+_Other lang_API_Eng<very well
5+_Other lang_Other
5+_Other lang_Other_Eng<very well
Population 16+
16+_In labor force
16+_In LF_Civilian
16+_In LF_Civilian_Employed
16+_In LF_Civilian_Unemployed
16+_In LF_Armed Forces
16+_Not in labor force
16+_In LF_Civilian_Unempl_%
Own children<6
Own child<6_All parents in LF
Own children age 6-17
Own child 6-17_All parents in LF
Workers 16+
16+_Mode: Car_Drove alone
16+_Mode: Car_Carpooled
16+_Mode: Public trans
16+_Mode: Walked
16+_Mode: Other means
16+_Mode: Worked at home
16+_Mean travel time to work
Employed civilian population 16+
EC 16+_Occ: Manage/prof
EC 16+_Occ: Service
EC 16+_Occ: Sales/office
EC 16+_Occ: Nat res/constr/maint
EC 16+_Occ: Prod/transp/material
EC 16+_Ind: Ag/forestry/fish/mine
EC 16+_Ind: Construction
EC 16+_Ind: Manufacturing
EC 16+_Ind: Wholesale trade
EC 16+_Ind: Retail trade
EC 16+_Ind: Transportation/warehouse
EC 16+_Ind: Information
EC 16+_Ind: Finance/ins/RE/rental
EC 16+_Ind: Prof/scientific/admin
EC 16+_Ind: Ed/health/soc services
EC 16+_Ind: Art/ent/rec/acc/food
EC 16+_Ind: Other (ex public admin)
EC 16+_Ind: Public administration
EC 16+_Workers: Private wage/salary
EC 16+_Workers: Government
EC 16+_Workers: Self-employed
EC 16+_Workers: Unpaid family
HH_w/earnings_Mean earnings
HH_w/Social Security income
HH_w/SS_Mean income
HH_w/retirement Income
HH_w/retirement_Mean income
HH_w/Supplemental Security Income
HH_w/SSI_Mean income
HH_w/public assistance income
HH_w/PA_Mean income
Fam_Inc: <$10K
Fam_Inc: $10K-$14,999
Fam_Inc: $15K-$24,999
Fam_Inc: $25K-$34,999
Fam_Inc: $35K-$49,999
Fam_Inc: $50K-$74,999
Fam_Inc: $75K-$99,999
Fam_Inc: $100K-$149,999
Fam_Inc: $150K-$199,999
Fam_Inc: $200K+
Median family income
Mean family income
Per capita income
Median nonfamily income
Mean nonfamily income
Median earnings for workers
Median earnings_Male full-time
Median earnings_Female full-time
Pct in poverty_All families
Pct in poverty_All fam_Child<18
Pct in poverty_All fam_All child<5
Pct in poverty_Married couple fam
Pct in poverty_Married_Child<18
Pct in poverty_Married_All child<5
Pct in poverty_Families w/female HH
Pct in poverty_Fem HHer_Child<18
HH_Aggregate income
HH_Aggregate income_White
HH_Aggregate income_Black

HH_Aggregate income_Am Indian
HH_Aggregate income_Asian
HH_Aggregate income_Hawaiian
HH_Aggregate income_Other
HH_Aggregate income_2+ Races
HH_Aggregate income_NH_White
HH_Aggregate income_Hispanic
Travel time <5 min
Travel time 5-9 min
Travel time 10-14 min
Travel time 15-19 min
Travel time 20-24 min
Travel time 25-29 min
Travel time 30-34 min
Travel time 35-39 min
Travel time 40-44 min
Travel time 45-59 min
Travel time 60-89 min
Travel time 90+ min
Occupied housing units
Vacant housing units
Homeowner vacancy rate
Rental vacancy rate
Housing units_1 detached
Housing units_1 attached
Housing units_2
Housing units_3-4
Housing units_5-9
Housing units_10-19
Housing units_20+
Housing units_Mobile home
Housing units_Boat/RV/van
Built 2010+
Built 2000 to 2009
Built 1990 to 1999
Built 1980 to 1989
Built 1970 to 1979
Built 1960 to 1969
Built 1950 to 1959
Built 1940 to 1949
Built 1939 or earlier
Median rooms
Owner-occupied_Average HH size
Renter-occupied_Average HH size
Moved in 2019+
Moved in 2015 to 2018
Moved in 2010 to 2014
Moved in 2000 to 2009
Moved in 1990 to 1999
Moved in 1989 or earlier
Heat_Utility gas
Heat_Bottled/tank/LP gas
Heat_Fuel oil/kerosene
Heat_Solar energy
Heat_Other fuel
Heat_No fuel used
No telephone service
Occupants/room_1 or less
Median value
Housing units w/mortgage
HU w/mort_SMOC <$300
HU w/mort_SMOC $300-499
HU w/mort_SMOC $500-699
HU w/mort_SMOC $700-999
HU w/mort_SMOC $1000-1499
HU w/mort_SMOC $1500-1999
HU w/mort_SMOC $2000+
HU w/mort_SMOC Median
Housing units w/o mortgage
HU w/o mort_SMOC <$100
HU w/o mort_SMOC $100-199
HU w/o mort_SMOC $200-299
HU w/o mort_SMOC $300-399
HU w/o mort_SMOC $400+
HU w/o mort_SMOC Median
Housing units w/mortgage&SMOCAPI
HU w/mort_SMOCAPI Not computed
Housing units w/o mortgage&SMOCAPI
Occupied units paying rent
Occ HU paying rent_<$200
Occ HU paying rent_$200-299
Occ HU paying rent_$300-499
Occ HU paying rent_$500-749
Occ HU paying rent_$750-999
Occ HU paying rent_$1,000-1,499
Occ HU paying rent_$1500+
Occ HU paying rent_Median
Occ HU paying rent_No rent
Occupied units paying rent&GRAPI
Occ HU_GRAPI <15%
Occ HU_GRAPI 15-19.9%
Occ HU_GRAPI 20-24.9%
Occ HU_GRAPI 25-29.9%
Occ HU_GRAPI 30-34.9%
Occ HU_GRAPI 35%+
Occ HU_GRAPI Not computed
HHer <25
HHer <25_Income <$10K
HHer <25_Income $10K-14,999
HHer <25_Income $15K-19,999
HHer <25_Income $20K-24,999
HHer <25_Income $25K-29,999
HHer <25_Income $30K-34,999
HHer <25_Income $35K-39,999
HHer <25_Income $40K-44,999
HHer <25_Income $45K-49,999
HHer <25_Income $50K-59,999
HHer <25_Income $60K-74,999
HHer <25_Income $75K-99,999
HHer <25_Income $100K-124,999
HHer <25_Income $125K-149,999
HHer <25_Income $150K-199,999
HHer <25_Income $200K+
HHer 25-44
HHer 25-44_Income <$10K
HHer 25-44_Income $10K-14,999
HHer 25-44_Income $15K-19,999
HHer 25-44_Income $20K-24,999
HHer 25-44_Income $25K-29,999
HHer 25-44_Income $30K-34,999
HHer 25-44_Income $35K-39,999
HHer 25-44_Income $40K-44,999
HHer 25-44_Income $45K-49,999
HHer 25-44_Income $50K-59,999
HHer 25-44_Income $60K-74,999
HHer 25-44_Income $75K-99,999
HHer 25-44_Income $100K-124,999
HHer 25-44_Income $125K-149,999
HHer 25-44_Income $150K-199,999
HHer 25-44_Income $200K+
HHer 45-64
HHer 45-64_Income <$10K
HHer 45-64_Income $10K-14,999
HHer 45-64_Income $15K-19,999
HHer 45-64_Income $20K-24,999
HHer 45-64_Income $25K-29,999
HHer 45-64_Income $30K-34,999
HHer 45-64_Income $35K-39,999
HHer 45-64_Income $40K-44,999
HHer 45-64_Income $45K-49,999
HHer 45-64_Income $50K-59,999
HHer 45-64_Income $60K-74,999
HHer 45-64_Income $75K-99,999
HHer 45-64_Income $100K-124,999
HHer 45-64_Income $125K-149,999
HHer 45-64_Income $150K-199,999
HHer 45-64_Income $200K+
HHer 65+
HHer 65+_Income <$10K
HHer 65+_Income $10K-14,999
HHer 65+_Income $15K-19,999
HHer 65+_Income $20K-24,999
HHer 65+_Income $25K-29,999
HHer 65+_Income $30K-34,999
HHer 65+_Income $35K-39,999
HHer 65+_Income $40K-44,999
HHer 65+_Income $45K-49,999
HHer 65+_Income $50K-59,999
HHer 65+_Income $60K-74,999
HHer 65+_Income $75K-99,999
HHer 65+_Income $100K-124,999
HHer 65+_Income $125K-149,999
HHer 65+_Income $150K-199,999
HHer 65+_Income $200K+
HHer <25_Median income
HHer 25-44_Median income
HHer 45-64_Median income
HHer 65+_Median income
Citizen Voting Age Pop
Citizen Voting Age Pop 18-29
Citizen Voting Age Pop 30-44
Citizen Voting Age Pop 45-64
Citizen Voting Age Pop 65+
Citizen Voting Age Pop <9th Grade
Citizen Voting Age Pop 9-12th Grade
Citizen Voting Age Pop HS Grad
Citizen Voting Age Pop Some College
Citizen Voting Age Pop Associate's Deg
Citizen Voting Age Pop Bachelor's Deg
Citizen Voting Age Pop Grad/Prof Deg
Citizen VAP with Poverty Status
Citizen VAP below Poverty Level
Citizen VAP above Poverty Level

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