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New Release: Maptitude 2016 is Available Now!

Buy Maptitude 2016 NowMaptitude 2016 is a major release of Caliper Corporation's popular GIS (Geographic Information System) and mapping software. The 2016 version provides the most up-to-date and accurate data available.

Maptitude 2016

New territory management tools

Businesses require robust territory creation tools that excel in both the handling of data tables and in the visual manipulation and representation of service areas. Maptitude 2016 was designed to exceed these requirements and provides an intuitive Territory Wizard and a sophisticated Territory Manager with complete undo and redo support.


“It is simply amazing to see Maptitude progress. In Maptitude 2016 the Routing Manager and Territory Manager are extremely useful and user friendly. The added functionality, updated interface, and the speed of calculations are exactly what I need to perform my work as a logistics consultant.”

Paul Lucassen
Lucassen Consulting

Support for MapPoint-like tools & queries

Maptitude now dominates the space vacated by Microsoft MapPoint. Maptitude ships with the latest maps, data, and demographics. With enhanced versions of the features that Microsoft MapPoint users are familiar with, Maptitude retains the ease-of-use of the MapPoint tools while providing the functionality that Microsoft users could only wish for.


The new and improved tools include:

  • Territory management and import
  • Route/directions management
  • A hover label tool
  • A circle/radius drawing tool and a line drawing tool, each auto-labeled with distance
  • Support for metropolitan areas and 3-digit ZIP Code areas
  • MapPoint, Streets & Trips, and AutoRoute file format support

Updated road networks and travel speeds

New U.S. data sets provide access to the most up-to-date geographic information available. Maptitude now includes October 2015 map content that allows for accurate address locating and street visualization, as well as robust data on which to calculate shortest paths, drive-time rings, and drive-time territories. Accurate, comprehensive, average traffic speed data are now included.


Faster distance and travel time calculations

Speed improvements provide faster access to maps, routes, drive-time rings, and geographic analysis. Maptitude 2016 provides significant speedups in map display with faster drawing of styles, filters, layers, and labels.


Improved drive time areas

The Drive Time Rings Toolbox improves your ability to create the most accurate drive-distance travel analysis on the market with the following enhancements to the tool:

  • Updated shortest path calculations
  • Improved speed and efficiency while using less memory
  • Redesigned interface with cumulative bands, separate origins, and driving speed adjustments 

The latest demographics 

The US Census boundaries (e.g., Tracts, Counties, MCDs, MSAs, States) and the 3- and 5-digit ZIP code areas that come with Maptitude contain some or all of several demographic profiles from a variety of data providers. These sources include the 2010 Census and the 2014 ACS Census to name a few. These data are available for the USA, Puerto Rico, and the Territories. The ZIP Code, Tract, County, and State layers also include updated buying power (disposable income) figures. Tracts also list updated banking compliance FFIEC data for 2015. The Map Librarian makes it easy to access a series of pre-defined thematic and shaded maps of these data.


Buy Maptitude 2016 NowPlease contact the Maptitude Sales Team with any questions. View our new Maptitude 2016 videos here.


Featured Maptitude Map: "Made in America", Top Selling Products From Each State

Mapping the largest foreign exports from each state provided several startling results. It is apparent from the Bureau of Labor Statistics data that the aerospace, automobile, and petroleum sectors dominate in the majority of states. Some other exports also stand out: gold in Massachusetts, needles in Minnesota, and Iron waste and scrap in Rhode Island. Since the data doesn't include domestic exports to the huge American market, the data is interesting in terms of how each state interacts in the global market.

Maptitude featured map of largest export by state

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Tech Tip: How Do I Export My List of Territories?

Export Maptitude territory definitions to ExcelThe new territory tools make it easy to create and manage your territories. Being able to access and share your territory definitions, such as postal/ZIP Codes by territory, is a critical step in the definition of your boundaries. This was one of the best features of Microsoft MapPoint and is new in Maptitude 2016! 

This Tech Tip shows how you can do this with Maptitude 2016.

» Learn How Here

Tricks & Tips: Excel Reports for Radius & Drive-Time Rings

Maptitude can prepare Excel-ready detailed reports

You can quickly create detailed reports from your radius and drive-time ring analyses. This was one of the best features of Microsoft MapPoint and is new in Maptitude 2016! 

Once you have created your rings, make the new layer the working layer by choosing it from the drop-down menu in the main toolbar, or by right-clicking on the new layer in the Display Manager and choosing Make Working Layer. Then you simply choose Tools-Export to Excel, or click Export to Excel Button. A Microsoft Excel Workbook is created that has a sheet with a demographic breakdown, plus sheets for any other data that you have mapped and that falls within your rings.

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