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May 2014 Newsletter
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Upgrade to Maptitude 2014 for US$395: Last Chance!

Until June 30th we are extending our US$395 reduced upgrade pricing for Maptitude 6.0 licenses (also available for Maptitude 2012 and 2013), including the USA, Brazil, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada Maptitude editions. This deal saves you US$300!

Act Now to Upgrade MaptitudeIf you don't know your version or have an older license of Maptitude, contact us to check on your eligibility for upgrade pricing!

Also, each US order will include a free US ZIP Code update: a US$250 value! The combination of the offer and free data saves you US$550!

Maptitude 2014 is a major new release. Stop using outdated information and get the most detailed and accurate data and demographics ever included. 

For pricing and ordering information please visit the Mapping Software Storee-mail Maptitude Sales, or call U.S. Sales at +1 617-527-4700. 

Limited Offer: Valid until June 30, 2014. Valid for Maptitude 6.0 or later. Restrictions Apply.


Buy Maptitude mapping softwareBuy Maptitude mapping software


Featured Maptitude Maps:
Is Your State Old Or Young? (USA)

This map, made with Maptitude 2014, showcases median age by US state. This statistic is the age separating the older half of the population from the younger half. States with a higher median age than the national average are shown in green and states with a lower median age are shown in pink.

Maptitude Featured Map of Median Age by State

"The Maptitude 2014 demographics provide significant added value not available from other sources, revealing new information such as how many adolescents are likely to use a health program."

Leslie Hendrickson, Owner, Hendrickson Development

Being able to identify areas by generation (people sharing an age range) is a powerful marketing tool that provides you with a focused and efficient way of reaching your ideal target audience. In the Maptitude USA Country Package these data are available down to the Census Tract and ZIP Code level.     

Analyzing age is the most proven demographic marketing method that you can use to get your product into the hands of those who will want it. Along with gender, income and education, using age helps identify life stage and even lifestyle grouping.

Maps help you clearly visualize age distributions and can be used to analyze target populations and geographies, enabling a deeper understanding of where people live and how they can be contacted.

Maptitude 2014 allows you to map variation in age and related statistics such as median or mean income, income bracket, disposable income by gender, education, and home value. These figures can also be compared to population density, age distribution, family size, race, and more.

The Maptitude 2014 USA Country Package includes extensive demographics including projections for 2015 and 2020 (more...). Upgrade to Maptitude 2014 now to access the latest income information.

More Featured Maps...

If you would like to see your maps showcased here, or are interested in custom map making services and software please contact Caliper.


Focus on Maptitude:
You need accurate and current data to make informed decisions

Maptitude 2014 includes an extensive catalog of business and demographic data that lets you analyze and find the best opportunities for your organization.

Maptitude 2014 costs only US$695 and is packaged as a one-stop-solution, shipping with all the data you need to understand the variety of social, geographic, and economic indicators that can impact your business.  

With Maptitude 2014 and the tremendous amount of included nationwide geographic, Census, and demographic data, you can:

Start mapping as soon as you install the software

Analyze markets and uncover information about the population that can be used in your business research efforts

Evaluate competitors

Identify opportunities

Profile customers

Perform business research and planning initiatives

Integrate multiple data formats including tables,  spreadsheets, and geographic databases

Find specific industry information to help you create a business plan, refine your marketing strategy and manage your company  

The categories of data provided with Maptitude include:



Business & Employment





What Others Have to Say:
5 starsBrenden Morley
Hillman Group, Tempe, AZ, USA 

"The data is accurate and very visually appealing. What this will mean in understanding the world around me is enormous. I have been able to jump right in and make beautiful, meaningful and accurate maps. Having the power to analytically divide markets, populations etc., will result in decisions with pinpoint accuracy."

Free Mapping Resources:

2014 Webinar Videos: Introductory & Intermediate Lessons

This month's free resources are new Maptitude 2014 Introductory and Intermediate webinar videos hosted by an expert Maptitude trainer. The webinars teach basic skills and build on these to enable you to quickly become a power user.

Maptitude Webinars

Mapping Software Webinars and webinar registration

More Free Mapping Software Resources... 

Maptitude 2014 Training:
Limited Availability

Maptitude Mapping Software Training DatesNew topics cover Maptitude 2014! Advance registration for the instructor-led training courses is required. Upcoming classes:

Oct. 20-22: Boston MA

Space is limited, so register online as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please call Maptitude Training (USA) at +1 617-527-4700, or send an e-mail to

Maptitude International News:
Beta Menu Translation Tool: Spanish

Maptitude includes the Geographic Information System Developer's Kit (GISDK™). Over 700 functions can be called from Caliper Script, a complete programming language for designing menus and dialog boxes (including toolbars and toolboxes) and for writing macros. You can develop add-ins that extend the standard interface to provide new capabilities or that automate repeated operations.

There are several such free mapping tools, here. You can download any of the add-ins to extend the capabilities of Maptitude. This month we have released a new add-in that translates the Maptitude menu items (not dialog boxes, tools-tips, or messages) into Spanish. This beta translation tool is available here.

Maptitude Selection Menu in Spanish

Did You Know?
Improve Map Quality to Over 300 DPI

Maptitude makes it easy to create map graphics for use in other applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Word. Maptitude supports a wide variety of export formats that include both vector and raster image file types. Maptitude Mapping Software Did You Know

Maptitude 2014 runs as a 32-bit or 64-bit application on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 8, 8.1, 7, Vista or XP. One of the many advantages of a 64-bit Maptitude includes the ability to save to much higher resolution images. For maps you can choose File-Save As and for Bitmap, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF files you can click Options. This allows you to change the resolution (dots per map window inch). The maximum resolution is set as 300 DPI, but you can manually override this by typing in your preferred level of detail.

Maptitude News and Press:

• Caliper releases Maptitude 2014 

2014 Canada Country Package! 

Maptitude Census Block Groups Data & Demographics Updated!

More Maptitude News...

Maptitude Solutions:

Banking GIS

Business Mapping

Census Data Mapping

Community Development

Enterprise GIS

Franchise Mapping

GIS Software

GPS Mapping

Insurance Mapping

Law Enforcement GIS

Location Intelligence

Marketing & Sales Mapping Software

Public Health Mapping

Real Estate Mapping

Route Planning & Deliveries

Satellite & Aerial Imagery

Street Mapping

Territory Mapping

World Mapping


Tech Tip:Tech Tip
Create Custom Fields Such As Millennials Using Sum Fields

Maptitude provides many age-based demographics including total population, current and future age group numbers, and age brackets broken down by education, gender, birthrate, health insurance coverage, poverty status, and more.

These data are critical to those organizations that target their services to particular cohorts, or to those businesses that supply products aimed at a particular segment of the population. For example, if targeting products towards the Latin American population in the USA, then language spoken by age would be an invaluable differentiator and one that Maptitude supplies.

The age-based data provided with Maptitude are often segmented into ranges (e.g. under 18, or 35-39). Formula fields allow you to combine these populations into the target groups that you need to reach.     

Creating a quick Sum Fields formula in MaptitudeThe following steps illustrate how to identify and map Millennials, defined here as those born between 1980 and 2004:

  1. Choose File-New and use Create-a-Map Wizard to create a general purpose map for your area of interest.

  2. If the ZIP Code layer is not visible, use the Display Manager to make it visible and make it the working layer.

  3. Choose Map-Color Theme or click Color Theme MapWizard Button.

  4. Choose Formula from the bottom of the Field drop-down list.

  5. Click Sum Fields. In the Filter box type age. Highlight the four fields covering the ages from 10 to 34 years old, and click Add>>.

  6. Click OK to close the Choose Formula Fields dialog box and click OK again in the Sum Fields dialog box.

  7. In the Formula Fields drop-down, type Millennials.

  8. Click OK to close the Formula dialog box and click OK again in the Color Theme dialog box. Maptitude creates a theme of the Millennial population by ZIP Code.

To insert your results into a presentation you can choose File-Save As to export your map for use outside of Maptitude.

International Mapping

Maptitude International Mapping Software


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