Custom Mapping Services

If you need a custom map for your story, blog, or website, contact us and we may even be able to create it for you for free! See our Featured Maps for inspiration.

You can now access an experienced Caliper designer and get customized maps. You can have graphics at short notice (based on availability) and for as many projects as you require. Whether you need a simple Maptitude map file, require the visualization of territories or a market analysis, or would like to receive a stylized map graphic, Caliper designers will be able to schedule consulting services to meet your needs. You can supply your own datasets and describe your geographic analysis and mapping needs. Alternatively, you can choose to have a specific map image produced.

Your custom map can be delivered to you as a Maptitude map file for you to use with our Maptitude mapping software, as a high-resolution JPEG or PNG for use in slides and documents, or as a printed map up to 48x36 inches.

We also provide interactive HTML maps and custom web mapping to allow you to: deploy simple mapping without programming to a corporate intranet or any web site or blog; share interactive maps offline or on apps such as Dropbox/Google Drive; and view the maps on desktop and mobile devices.

Please contact Caliper if you require custom map services.


 • US$250 per hour or $1600 for a 7-hour package; with a minimum of 1 hour

 • Pre-payment is required

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Custom Map Software

Custom map software - MaptitudeIf you would rather create custom maps, you can customize maps yourself. Maptitude mapping software allows you to easily and intuitively change every map feature. More...


Custom Maps

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Custom country mapsCustom country maps
Custom demographic mapCustom demographic maps
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Custom world mapCustom world maps
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Custom wall mapsCustom wall maps
Custom mapsCustom maps of your data
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