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Upgrade to Maptitude 2016 for US$395: Last Chance!

Act Now to Upgrade MaptitudeFor a short time, we are extending our US$395 reduced upgrade pricing for all Maptitude desktop licenses. This deal saves you US$300! Also, each US order will include a free US ZIP Code update: a US$250 value! The upgrade offer and the free data together save you a total of US$550!

If you don't know which version of Maptitude you have, or you have an older license of Maptitude, contact us to check on your eligibility for upgrade pricing!

Maptitude 2016 is a major new release. Stop using outdated information and get the most detailed and accurate data and demographics ever included.

Limited Offer: Valid until May 31, 2016. Restrictions Apply.

New Release: 4 Ways Maptitude 2016 Saves You Time & Money

Buy Maptitude 2016 NowMaptitude 2016 is now shipping and provides actionable solutions for your business problems, saving you time and money. Here are 4 key areas where Maptitude 2016 will prove critical for your organization:

Maptitude Territories1. Territories: Define and modify your sales territories based on geography, demographics, or your corporate revenue or customer distribution.

Example: One of the big issues facing the franchise industry is providing fair and balanced "protected" franchisee territories. You want to maximize market potential while avoiding cannibalizing the sales of an existing location. But you may also need to establish such boundaries clearly, to adhere to the legalities of a franchise agreement. Maptitude allows you to track and balance as many columns of data as you want, allowing you to better establish, justify, and defend profitable territories.

» Learn how in this territory video tutorial

Maptitude Routing Software2. Routing: Even small reductions in transportation time or cost can add up to big savings. Delivery services know this well, and require efficient fleet management to stay competitive. Maptitude performs route analysis to optimize delivery routes that minimize logistics costs.

Example: A delivery driver may make multiple deliveries per shift, where each destination has varying stop times, may require rest stops, and based on vehicle type has varying speed constraints and fuel costs. Maptitude can handle these scenarios and uses sophisticated algorithms that ensure that vehicles take the most time- and energy-efficient routes while making multiple deliveries.

» Learn how in this routing video tutorial

Up-to-date demographic data with Maptitude3. Reports: Studies have shown that color can better inform understanding of data and that full-color maps in a report increase comprehension*. In Maptitude 2016 you can quickly and intuitively create high-quality reports for Microsoft Office Excel or as a PDF.

4. Software and Data: Many MapPoint users have switched to Maptitude, but there is still widespread use of MapPoint. Using MapPoint is detrimental to your business operations and destroys the credibility of your reports because the data you are using was outdated even at the time of release. Maptitude 2016 ships with the most up-to-date geographic and demographic information available. Maptitude also includes all the key features and tools of MapPoint (more...).

There are many more improvements in Maptitude 2016! Please contact the Maptitude Sales Team with any questions. View our new Maptitude 2016 videos here.

What benefits have you realized with Maptitude? What business problems are you solving?
G2 Crowd User: Dave R. Evaluating underserved markets that warrant campus expansion. Tracking the growth of competitors' programs.
- Dave R.
G2 Crowd User: Nick N. I've used the software for a very wide range of business problems. The simplest has been in producing basic maps for franchise and sales territory design. The census attributes and easy to use selection tools take a lot of the pain away. More sophisticated uses include retail site analysis.
- Nick N.

*Colour Adoption Study, Hewlett-Packard

Featured Maptitude Map: Top States for Craft Beer Drinkers

Craft breweries are defined by the Brewers Association as independent breweries that produce fewer than 6 million barrels of beer per year using traditional or innovative brewing ingredients. Craft beer production in the United States has doubled in the last 10 years and now accounts for 18% of U.S. beer production.

As of 2014 there were 3,418 craft breweries in the United State, and the majority of Americans lived within 10 miles of a craft brewery. But for craft beer lovers, certain states stand out for their concentration of breweries. The map below shows the concentration of breweries per 100,000 adults. You can see that craft breweries have proliferated in the northern corners of the country, with the greatest concentration in Vermont (8.6 per 100,000 adults) and Oregon (7.4 per 100,000 adults).

Maptitude featured map of largest export by state

» See More Featured Maps

Tech Tip: How Do I Add All the ZIP Codes in a State or County to a Territory?

Choose all of the ZIP Codes in a state or county for a territoryThe new Territory Manager make it easy to add all the ZIP Codes in a State or County to the territory with which you are working. You can also remove all the ZIP Codes from a territory using one or more Counties or States. This functionality saves time, and allows you to easily manage territories, whether they encompass entire states or only a few ZIP Codes.

This Tech Tip shows how you can do this with Maptitude 2016.

» Learn How Here

» Video

Tricks & Tips: Change the Data the Hover Label Shows

Maptitude hover tool

The Hover tool in Maptitude 2016 show you a bubble with information for the location that your cursor is placed over in a map. This allows you to quickly investigate your market area without switching tools.

When you choose Map-Hover Settings, you can choose for which layers to show data and what fields to display.

You can also customize the appearance of the Hover tool by choosing Edit-Preferences and setting the style, font, color, and other settings on the Hover tab.

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