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Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) for Maptitude 2017!

Maptitude AADT Layer Map

Annual average daily traffic (AADT) is the total volume of vehicle traffic on a highway or road for a year divided by 365 days. AADT is a useful and simple measurement of how busy a road is. 

A line layer for the AADT is now downloadable for free for Maptitude 2017 users only. Don't have Maptitude 2017? Purchase or upgrade to Maptitude 2017 to use this premium data.

The AADT data is critical for companies that rely on daytime populations and activities, such as retailers, shopping centers, and corporate marketing departments, because traffic counts are a key factor in analyzing trends, allowing them to tailor their business to better suit their customers.

Annual average daily traffic counts are used:

  • to select a new site or facility location, evaluate a site, or design a territory
  • to determine funding for highway maintenance and improvement
  • to forecast road maintenance needs and expenditure
  • to identify the best location for your business based on traffic patterns
  • to analyze how traffic may impact store construction
  • to analyze the environmental hazards of pollution related to road transport

The downloaded AADT layer can be added to any Maptitude 2017 map.

Download AADT Layers Buy Maptitude 2017

"I have a point layer of residences and a line layer of roads with traffic counts. I use the Overlay tool to calculate average traffic within 1,000 meters of each residence. All seems to work perfectly."

Bob McLaughlin

Department of Health Services Environmental Health Investigations Branch (DHS-EHIB) 

Featured Map:

Annual Average Daily Traffic (USA)

Maptitude map of U.S. traffic counts

This Maptitude map shows Annual Average Daily Traffic for the streets and highways included in the Caliper AADT layer.

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Tech Tip:

How Do I Download the Free U.S. Annual Average Daily Traffic Layer for Maptitude 2017?

Maptitude AADT data download

The Annual Average Daily Traffic map layer for Maptitude 2017 is accessible as a free download. In this tech tip we describe how to install the layer and add it to a map.

» Learn How Here

Tricks & Tips:

Visualizing Data using Color and Size Themes

Maptitude map with size and color theme

When you have added the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) layer to your map as described in the above Tech Tip, you can then explore the volume of traffic for your market area.

By default, the layer has color and size themes so that you can immediately start using the AADT data. You may, however, want to change the theme styles. For example, if you have zoomed in on a city, you may want to change the size theme to use wider lines by choosing Map > Thematic Mapping > Size and increasing the value in the High Value Size box. You can also customize the color theme by choosing Map > Thematic Mapping > Color and changing the class values on the Settings tab or changing the color settings on the Styles tab.

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