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Maptitude: Energy Market Mapping Software 

Maptitude is a robust and easy-to-use professional mapping tool that can be used within the energy industry. Maptitude provides all the features that your organization requires in order to uncover answers to your energy market questions.

The extensive capabilities of Maptitude allow you to geographically understand and analyze relationships among the varied energy sectors.

Maptitude costs only $695.00 USD and is packaged as a one-stop solution. It ships with all the tools and data required by energy analysts and policymakers for site assessment, data sharing, and visualization. 

Solar, Geothermal, and Wind Energy Maps

Site Assessment

Maptitude is an indispensable tool for site assessment and environmental impact studies. For example, Maptitude can assist in locating nuclear reactors by identifying sites away from areas of high population density and man-made hazards, while overlaying seismic, meteorological, geological, and hydrological map layers.

Renewable energy systems are vulnerable to weather and climatic conditions, but combining renewable energy sources into a hybrid system such as solar-wind helps mitigate these dependencies. Maptitude is well suited to mapping locations with favorable energy potential, and for geographically exploring related environmental and economic considerations.

For example, Maptitude can map topography and proximity to electric transmission lines when exploring locations for a wind farm.

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See how Maptitude can benefit your industry here, or contact for more information.

"Maptitude has been an important tool for showing the geography of a variety of facilities and parameters, from rig trends by state, to patent trends by metro area, to the location of important infrastructure installations both onshore US and Gulf of Mexico. Being able to illustrate and map these elements with Maptitude was essential for the analysis and, in addition, the software is backed up with outstanding support if needed." 

5 starsCharlotte Batson, Petroleum Engineer / Shale Oil & Gas Consultant    

25% Off US Census Block Data & Demographics

Detailed Census Data Sale!

Save 25% on Census BlocksPurchase the US Census Blocks for only US$600 ($795 value) for the rest of this month. These boundaries are the highest resolution available for the mapping of Census demographics, describing on average only 28 people.

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Featured Maptitude Map: Oil Pipelines in the USA

This map, made with Maptitude 2014, shows the major crude oil and petroleum pipelines in the United States. Also shown is the proposed route for the controversial Keystone XL (KXL) project.

Auto dealerships near U.S. cities

The construction of the Keystone Pipeline would run from Alberta, (Canada) to Texas (USA) refineries along the gulf coast. It adds a number of miles of pipeline, although it will also use existing pipelines.

There are thousands of miles of pipelines around the United States, and building a pipeline is not unusual. However, environmental, political, and economic issues have prevented the KXL project from being implemented. One of the main issues is that the pipeline will transport tar sands oil, the extraction and production of which is widely viewed as emitting three times more carbon dioxide than does the extraction and production of conventional oil.

Maptitude supports layered maps, allowing almost any external map data to be quickly and easily displayed and analyzed such as the pipeline data shown here. Maptitude supports over 50 file types and more than 100 GIS and CAD formats. This extensive library of importers and exporters is one of the largest in the industry and comes at no additional charge.         

Contact Caliper to see how using your own, and publicly available, data with the Maptitude 2014 USA Country Package allows you to create the maps that tell the story your spreadsheets can't.

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"Maptitude has lots and lots of formats to import from or export to." 

Pieters De Kock, Consultant, South Africa 

Tech Tip: How Do I Add Layers to a Map From Energy Market Websites?

Wind Power Classification MapWhen conducting an analysis such as energy market research or when siting new power plants or industrial facilities, it is critical to understand the geographic context of your assets. Maptitude makes it easy to geographically evaluate the risks and opportunities in today's energy markets. For example, you may want to explore wind potential when choosing sites for wind turbines.

There are many sources of data for energy markets including the  U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). This exercise will walk you through downloading and mapping the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) map layer for onshore 50 meter tower wind potential.

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International: 2014 Russia Country Package Released

Maptitude Russia Country PackageCaliper is excited to announce the release of the 2014 Country Package for Russia. The product includes the latest map updates for streets, railroads, postal and administrative boundaries, and towns, as well as comprehensive named landmarks that range from public facilities to commercial buildings including shops, restaurants, and retail stores!

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Tricks & Tips: Map Layer Precedence

Maptitude Mapping Software Did You KnowA critical feature in a powerful and flexible mapping application is the ability for the user to change and control map layers. A map is a series of sheets that are layered on top of each other, with each sheet containing different information such as geographic "areas" for coal fields or "points" for power plants. Because each layer can have varying levels of transparency, the drawing order is generally such that areas draw first, then lines, then points, so that as many map features as possible are visible.    

The Map-Layers tool allows you to move layers up and down, while map redrawing can be paused by clicking the Esc key on your keyboard.

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