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Maptitude Review: Work Smarter (Not Harder) with Maptitude

A recent review of Maptitude highlights the unique aspects of the software that have made it the market leading desktop GIS (geographic information system) and mapping software:

Maptitude"Merging the best of open source and commercial GIS all in one package, Maptitude really stands out as one of the more affordable one-stop shop GIS platforms on the market with a low learning curve."

"With an intuitive wizard-driven interface, using Maptitude is as natural as breathing."

"Where Maptitude really shines is for business analysis. It has all the tools and data that the majority of analysts require."

"For companies who want to perform business analysis, optimize routing, and create some beautiful visualizations, ... Maptitude strikes the middle ground bringing GIS to those that have no idea what GIS means! And it gives you the capability to scale your GIS operations...if you really want to."

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Learning: Free MapPoint Webinar, Video, & Handout Now Available!

Maptitude filtered landmark layer mapThis webinar will help MapPoint users new to Maptitude 2016. We will discuss mapping your data, changing the styles on a map, getting reports on custom-defined areas, creating drive time rings, the hover label tool and creating territories.

There is also a free class handout here.

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Featured Maptitude Map: 80% of US Population is Within 7 Miles of a Walgreens

Maptitude featured map Walgreens Market Saturation

» More about this map and other featured maps

Tech Tip: How do I create nationwide rings that contain 80% of my target value?

Maptitude filtered landmark layer mapIf you would like to see the geographic area that services 80% of your target demographic (e.g. US population) then you can visualize this information in Maptitude. By building rings to your target value, you can see if your competitors serve the same population with a smaller geographic footprint, and you can explore those locations where you don't have coverage.

This Tech Tip shows how you can do this with Maptitude 2016.

» Learn How Here

Tricks & Tips: Filtering Store Locations by Brand

Maptitude filtered landmark layer map

You can filter the Landmark layer by name. For example, in a US map, make the Landmark layer the working layer (depending on the map scale, you may first have to make the layer visible). Then choose Selection-Select by Condition. Enter your condition such as: lower(Name) contains "Walgreens", type a Set Name, and click OK. Maptitude filters the landmark layer for your chosen locations. Choosing your set from the drop-down list in the Selection toolbar and clicking Show One Set Button  will display just the locations that you wanted to identify.

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» New 2016 Country Packages for the USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, and UK    

» Maptitude Now Has 14+ Million Australian Address Points

» Geospatial on a Budget: When Cost Really is Total Cost   

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