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Maptitude: A Brand You Can Trust

Maptitude is a robust and easy-to-use professional mapping application that can be used within almost any industry (see our markets.) Caliper Corporation, founded in 1983, first released Maptitude in 1995 and the product has benefitted from almost two decades of user focused development to ensure that the software meets our customers' needs.

Over the last month our sustained growth has been noted by an increasing number of sources. For example, CIO Magazine called Caliper Corporation one of the most promising geographic information software (GIS) solution providers. "So what makes Maptitude different from other similar products?" CIO Magazine asked, "First released in 1995, the tool is specifically designed for data visualization and geographic analysis; it also provides expanded functionality, easy-to-use, cost-effective, and updated technology."

Caliper Corporation was also identified as a prominent GIS vendor in the banking and financial services and institutions (BFSI) sector by Sandler Research. From 2013-2018 the BFSI sector is expected to experience a growth rate of 8.43 percent, and we continue to support our banking clients with features such as compliance datasets. For other markets that we serve, such as health care, we also have specific features tailored to the industry (see more.)

Leading online geospatial magazine, Directions, rated the Caliper website home page design an "A-grade," stating that Caliper "focuses 100% on its products and solutions." Caliper's focus comes from our core organizational beliefs – whether it is our website, our user guides, our support services, or any of our industry leading software products – we take pride in delivering cost-effective solutions that allow our users to leverage the value in their data.

Caliper Corporation has always adhered to the belief that mapping applications can be both professional and affordable. Our approach has established Maptitude as the dominant product for those needing a low-cost, intuitive, and powerful mapping system, and the top choice when replacing discontinued software such as Microsoft MapPoint.

At Caliper we thrive on being challenged and we use our expertise to imagine and innovate. Here, the best and the brightest experts in transportation planning, traffic simulation, and GIS/mapping create cutting-edge software to help our customers explore geographic opportunities.

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See how Maptitude can benefit your organization here, or contact for more information.

ZIP Code to Congressional Boundary Cross Reference: Who Knew!

US Legislative Data Sale!

Save 25% on a State Legislative Districts DataPurchase the State Legislative Districts for only US$970 ($1,295 value.) These data are produced by Caliper using our extensive experience working with US political boundaries. Also included is a 5-digit ZIP Code table with the respective congressional, upper chamber, and lower chamber district(s), allowing you to determine political district by ZIP Code for your target audience.

If you have any questions, contact us to check on your eligibility for this pricing.

Limited Offer: Valid until December 15, 2014. Restrictions Apply.

Featured Maptitude Map: Home Depot and Lowe's

This map, made with Maptitude 2014, shows the U.S. locations of the home improvement stores Home Depot and Lowe's.

Auto dealerships near U.S. cities

By knowing where businesses are located suppliers can target specific chains, while competitors can explore market opportunities and assess competitiveness and risk exposure. For example, California and Florida are two of the states most adversely impacted by the housing crises. Home Depot has 10% of its stores in California and 7% of its stores in Florida, while Lowe's has 6%  in California and 7% in Florida.

Both companies have locations across the country. Home Depot has a broader presence than Lowe's, except in the southeast states. Home Depot has the larger footprint in the major urban markets. Home Depot's larger exposure to these markets has provided better results as consumers again invest in renovations and remodeling. 

Maptitude includes an extensive database of business locations at no additional charge, including those featured here. In the next section we will show how to map these stores. If you have any questions about data availability, please contact Caliper.

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"Maptitude includes more features and data than most other products and is arguably the least expensive, yet serious, mapping tool available for Windows users. At only US$695 it is priced well below its more expensive competitors." 

Directions Magazine 

Tech Tip: How Do I Map Businesses by Name?

Maptitude map of business locationsWhen conducting market research, competitor analysis, and territory/franchise alignments, it is critical to understand the geographic context of your service area. Maptitude makes it easy to evaluate any of the thousands of business locations provided with the software.

For example, you may want to visualize the locations of competitors near to your existing or proposed sites. You can do this by using the Selection tool and the store Name field included in the Landmark layer.

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International: 2014 Bolivia Country Package Released

Maptitude Bolivia Country PackageCaliper is excited to announce the release of the 2014 Country Package for Bolivia. The product includes the latest map updates for streets, railroads, administrative boundaries, and towns, as well as comprehensive named landmarks that range from public facilities to commercial buildings including shops, restaurants, and retail stores!

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Tricks & Tips: Managing Territories Shown as a Color Theme

Maptitude Mapping Software Did You KnowMaptitude provides a suite of sophisticated and flexible tools for displaying territories. The easiest way to visualize your territories is to use the Map My Own Data Wizard to create a color theme on your territory field.

But did you know that you can convert this thematic visualization into selection set filters in order to directly manage your territories? Simply make your area layer, such as ZIP Codes, the working layer and choose Selection-Select by Theme. You can then use the Selection Toolbox to control how areas are added and removed from your territories, and you can even view running totals of demographics or your own count and sales data.

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