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Business & Point of Interest (POI) Layers are Now Available for Maptitude 2017

Times Square Maptitude Map

Point files with the locations for some of the largest U.S. businesses are now downloadable for free for Maptitude 2017 users only. Don't have Maptitude 2017? Purchase or upgrade to Maptitude 2017 to use this premium business data.

The download includes point layers for 402 U.S. businesses, including many of the largest bank, restaurant, and retail chains. These new layers are perfect for site location, competitive analysis, routing, and real estate reports. The layers have company logos and can be added to any Maptitude 2017 map.

Maptitude includes a vast amount of business critical data at no additional cost, such as demographics, boundaries, streets, and the most accurate ZIP Code/postal boundaries available.

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Jason Black

“Maptitude is simple to use and inexpensive, but is powerful and packed with valuable data. I've used it for over 15 years and love it! ”

Jason Black

Director of Advancement Services

Columbia College

Featured Map:

Largest Pizza Chain by State

Maptitude map of primary pizza chain by state and pizzeria density by county

The 2017 Maptitude Country Packages include an updated point landmark database that includes thousands of restaurants, including national and regional pizza chains. This month's map shows the concentration of pizzerias by county and what the most common chain is in each state. In this map you can see that there is a somewhat higher concentration of pizzerias in the counties of the northern and plains states.

Pizza Hut, with over 6600 restaurants, is the dominant chain in 36 states, followed by Domino's (5000 restaurants) in 8 states and the District of Columbia.

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Tech Tip:

How Do I Download the Free U.S. Business Layers for Maptitude 2017?

Maptitude business data download

The business point of interest map layers for Maptitude 2017 are accessible as a free download. In this tech tip we describe how to install the layers and add them to a map.

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Tricks & Tips:

Performing a Drive-Time & Radius Analysis Using the U.S. Business Layers

Maptitude map radius analysis

When you have added one or more business layers to your map as described in the above Tech Tip, you can then perform a drive-time and radius analysis on those layers.

Using the Drawing Toolbar (Edit > Drawing > Toolbar) you can use the Freehand Radius tool to click and drag a circle or to single click and enter a radius. You can then right click on the circle and choose Export to Excel. The resulting report will contain a demographics (overlay) sheet, and sheets for each business layer showing the attributes of the businesses as well as the straight-line distance and travel-time from each location to the circle center.

If you do not want a certain layer to appear in the report then you can turn the layer off in the Display Manager (e.g., Hide the City/Town layer before exporting to Excel to exclude city/town information).

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