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February 2014 Newsletter
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Focus on Maptitude:
Maptitude 2014 Released for the U.S. With the Most Up-To-Date Data

Maptitude 2014, a major new release of Caliper's popular mapping software, provides a wealth of the latest available data for business applications as well as significantly enhanced analytical and visualization capabilities.

The U.S. Census boundaries (e.g., Tracts, Counties, MCDs, MSAs, States) and ZIP Codes contain updated demographics and the latest Census data including: buying power/disposable income, health insurance coverage, FFIEC banking compliance data, travel time to work, aggregate/median income by race, and projections for 2015 and 2020. Maptitude 2014 also ships with the January 2014 ZIP Code release ensuring the use of the latest nationwide postal data. Maptitude 2014 includes an October 2013 road map, allowing accurate address locating and street visualization plus robust data on which to calculate distances and travel times, drive-time zones, and drive-time territories.

Maptitude 2014 Seamless Aerial Image and 3D Map

The 2014 USA Country Package contains new and updated data critical to many industries (more...). Marketing and sales analysts will benefit from knowing the buying power of those ZIP Codes projected to grow over the next 1-5 years, while banks can ensure regulatory compliance using the FFIEC data. Maptitude 2014 allows those in healthcare to map the dynamics of health insurance coverage across regions and between populations. All these figures can also be compared to income, population density, age distribution, race, ethnicity, poverty, and many other current demographics.

Some of the data, such as Caliper's proprietary purchasing power estimates, are among the most accurate available from any source and significantly more reliable than U.S. Census data. The included data alone are worth many multiples of the software's purchase price.

Maptitude's full-featured, but easy-to-use mapping application has also been significantly enhanced. Polished reports can now be created via a single click, allowing direct sharing of your geographic analysis. Map backgrounds can be seamlessly switched to show aerial photo-imagery or terrain, adding realistic and relatable elements to your presentations. Maps can now be visualized in a stunning and compelling 3-D view and users can add their own 3-D buildings and scenery. The drive-time ring engine has been significantly enhanced and provides the most accurate analysis available in any mapping product.

The most exciting features of Maptitude 2014 are showcased here, and a complete description of the new features in Maptitude 2014 is available as a PDF here. Currently, the 2014 USA Country Package has been released. Updated Packages for other countries will follow soon!

Maptitude includes everything required for geographic market analysis, is considered the easiest-to-use professional mapping product, and costs only US$695. Upgrade pricing is available (more...) and for ordering information please visit the Mapping Software Storee-mail Maptitude Sales, or call U.S. Sales at +1 617-527-4700.


Featured Maptitude Maps:
Percentage of People Without Health Insurance and Type of Coverage (by USA State)

The Maptitude 2014 USA Country Package includes a wealth of new data such as buying power/disposable income, health insurance coverage, FFIEC banking compliance data, travel time to work, aggregate/median income by race, and projections for 2015 and 2020 (more...). Upgrade to Maptitude 2014 now to access the latest demographics.

US State Uninsured Population Map

The dynamics of health insurance coverage vary substantially across regions. Maptitude 2014 allows you to map these differences in public vs. private insurance, those without insurance, and coverage for those who are employed or unemployed. These figures can also be compared to population density, age distribution, disease prevalence, race, ethnicity, poverty and the ability to access care.

"Maptitude has a significantly flatter learning curve than other GIS software. You get a fully functional GIS and extensive data for 1/3 the price of other GIS products".

Dr. Richard E. Hoskins
Washington State Dept. of Health

Maptitude is widely used to conduct research in the health care sector. Maps help to visualize health care information and enhance the understanding of the health care landscape. Maptitude mapping software enables users to find data about hospitals, health insurance, and at risk populations.

More Featured Maps...

If you would like to see your maps showcased here, or are interested in custom map making services and software please contact Caliper.


Using Outdated Data & Technology?
Upgrade to Maptitude 2014!

Users of Maptitude 2013 and Maptitude 2012 can still get our US$395 reduced upgrade pricing. This deal saves you US$300! Upgrade now to avoid being caught out by using last year's features and data.

Also, each US order will include a free US ZIP Code update: a US$250 value! The combination of the offer and free data saves you US$550!

For pricing and ordering information please visit the Mapping Software Storee-mail Maptitude Sales, or call U.S. Sales at +1 617-527-4700. 

Limited Offer: Valid for Maptitude 2012 or later. Restrictions Apply.

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Free Mapping Resources:
Maptitude 2014 Videos

This month we feature 25 new Maptitude 2014 video tutorials. These videos cover Maptitude basics, working with maps, data analysis, and geographic analysis. The updated videos include features that are new to Maptitude 2014. All of the new videos now feature audio.

More Free Mapping Software Resources...

Maptitude 2014 Training (New!):
Limited Availability

Maptitude Mapping Software Training DatesNew topics cover Maptitude 2014! Advance registration for the instructor-led training courses is required. Upcoming classes:

March 3-5: Boston MA

Space is limited, so register online as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please call Maptitude Training (USA) at +1 617-527-4700, or send an e-mail to

Maptitude International News:
United Nations Humanitarian Point Styles

There is no limit to the number of point styles that can be applied in Maptitude. You can use any of your own images, plus the software includes hundreds of icons that can differentiate customers, locations, and competitors.

Maptitude 2014 includes the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian affairs (OCHA) icons to help relief workers present emergency and crisis-related information quickly and simply. The set of symbols covers complex humanitarian issues such as access to people in need and protection of civilians, plus those for natural disasters and relief supplies. 

World Map with OCHA Icons

Did You Know?
One-Click Help

Maptitude Mapping Software Did You KnowYou can easily familiarize yourself with the new features in Maptitude 2014 via the wealth of free learning materials provided for the software.

Also, when using a new tool or hovering over a menu item or button, you can click the F1 key on your keyboard. This provides you with context-sensitive help. The electronic help automatically flips open to the exact section that you need, and provide step-by-step guides and tutorials on using Maptitude, as well as links to related videos.

Maptitude News and Press:

• Maptitude Has the Best Maps

Draw Congress: Redistricting and Gerrymandering

Oakland Local: City Council will look at two maps in its redistricting debate tonight

More Maptitude News...

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Tech Tip:Tech Tip
Creating Drive-Time Zones Demographic Reports

Travel time is the most realistic way of describing market areas and access to services. A franchise may want to define their territories based on the time required to reach their customers. Emergency services may want to map their response time coverage for an area. The drive-time tool ("Network Bands") in Maptitude 2014 supports these types of analysis based on the creation of realistic catchment areas, and with a single click can create a professional demographic report (see video here).

10-minute drive-time rings around L.A. area airportsThe creation of drive-time zones (also known as drive-time "rings") allows you to determine which areas can be accessed within a particular drive-time or drive-distance.

Using this tool you can calculate the market characteristics and demographics around your locations, and estimate the duration of services such as repair or delivery calls. You will also be able to better describe the convenience of your locations in terms of time rather than as a crude straight line measurement. For a facility you can better identify potential customers within five minutes rather than within two miles. For example, takeout delivery businesses can quickly determine those destinations within their drive-time trade/service areas.

Drive-time analysis uses streets and approximate driving times based on road characteristics such as speed limits. The starting points/origins are typically businesses, retailers, hospitals, or any other organization exploring the provision of services and proximity to competitors and affiliates. The output of drive-time rings differs significantly from the more simplistic rings ("Buffers") that define areas based on straight-line ("as the crow flies") distances.

In Maptitude 2014, Network Bands are significantly more robust. You can now create multi-ring analyses around multiple points nationwide, while being able to quickly view an exportable demographic report for the areas reached.

The following steps illustrate how to create a drive-time zones demographic report for your locations:

  1. Choose File-New and use Create-a-Map Wizard to create a general purpose map for your area of interest.

  2. Choose Tools-Routing-Network Bands or click Network Bands Button to display the Network Bands toolbox.

  3. Click Click Origin Points Button in the Network Bands toolbox to activate the Click Origin Points tool.

  4. Click on on the map. Maptitude places symbols at each of the clicked points.

  5. In the Network Bands toolbox choose to create, for example, 3 bands of 5 minutes.

  6. Click Create Network Bands Button in the Network Bands toolbox. Maptitude creates the bands and adds them to the map along with a color theme to illustrate the driving distances. Any portion of the map that is not covered by a band is greater than the travel-time you chose from the clicked locations.

  7. If you want to compute the demographics for the network bands, click Overlay Network Bands Button in the Network Bands Toolbox. Maptitude calculates the overlay and displays the results in a dataview.

  8. If you want to create a report with the map and demographics, click Network Bands Report Button in the Network Bands Toolbox. Maptitude generates the report and displays it in a new window. You can customize a report with your company name by choosing Edit-Preferences and making changes on the Reporting tab.

Reports can be printed, saved, exported, and emailed. To export your results you can choose File-Export Document from the Report window menu to export your report for use outside of Maptitude.

International Mapping

Maptitude International Mapping Software


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