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Maptitude Testimonials:
Maptitude is competitively priced and easy-to-use business mapping software. At only a fraction of the cost of comparable systems, Maptitude provides effective pin mapping, geo-locating, drive-time analysis, store locating, and sales territory management. You can use a wealth of geographic and demographic data with your own customer/competitor information, with up-to-date streets, postal/ZIP Codes, and Census statistics at your fingertips for use in your work. This month we share two recent testimonials from customers who love Maptitude:
John Cochran

Maptitude is incredibly user-friendly. It can be very intimidating to use a new geospatial tool without formal training. With Maptitude, I started with no training and quickly became the in-house expert at my company. We are locating new stores, optimizing existing footprints and quantifying local market opportunities. I learn something new every time I open Maptitude and it certainly has become the go-to tool for our geospatial analytics

John Cochran
Strategic Analyst, PPG Industries

Norm Sutton

Mapping beyond my expectations. What do I like best? The number of tools to present and manage territories and data.

Norm Sutton
IT Manager/System Administrator, Global Warranty Corporation

Average household annual food expenditure by state
This map depicts the average annual household food expenditure in the United States for 2016. In 2016, the average U.S. household food expenditure, including both food at home and food away from home, was approximately $7,369. The states with the highest food expenditures were Maryland ($8,229) and Alaska ($8,216), and the states with the lowest food expenditures were Mississippi ($6,580) and Arkansas ($6,659).

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Tech Tip:
How do I update my territory layer to use the latest Maptitude 2018 ZIP Code boundaries?
If you have created a territory layer using the Territory Manager and a previous vintage of the ZIP Code layer you may want to update your territories using the new postal geography. Maptitude 2018 makes it easy to move your territory layer over to the new and updated ZIP Code boundary layer.

This Tech Tip shows how to work with the Territory Manager in Maptitude 2018 to either change your territory boundaries to match the new ZIP Codes or to keep your territory boundaries as they are and assign the new ZIP Codes to the territories they are now in.

» Learn How Here
Tricks & Tips:
Limiting Distance & Travel Time Tables to the Closest Destinations
The Maptitude 2018 Distance and Travel Time Tables tool creates a table that lists the costs of travel between any number of origins and destinations. Use the results to identify the closest and backup locations ranked by travel distance or travel time.

To limit your results to the closest locations, you simply choose the Route method, check the Limit box, and enter how many closest destinations you want to find.

There is also a new method to calculate straight-line distances. You cannot limit destinations when using this method.

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