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June 2014 Newsletter
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Case Study: How CKE Grew Their Franchise Business with Maptitude

Site Location with Maptitude mapping softwareAs the CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc.'s two popular restaurant brands, Carl's Jr. and Hardee's, grow in the U.S. and in several international markets, managing franchise territories has become more complex, while the need to integrate disparate sources of business data has escalated. To overcome this, CKE relies on Maptitude to simplify territory identification and allocation, as well as to improve franchisee satisfaction by providing insightful market intelligence thereby increasing opportunities for success.

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"Maptitude helps us optimize franchise territories enhancing our ability to develop successful, sustainable restaurant locations. It enables us to evaluate multiple variables simultaneously so that we have a better opportunity to minimize risks associated with development and maximize chances for success based upon our unique criteria."

5 starsMike Sawyer, Director of Market Planning, CKE 

  Don't use old data for new location-based decisions. Upgrade to the latest features and data now.

Last chance for reduced upgrade pricing for Maptitude 6.0 users

Act Now to Upgrade MaptitudeWe are extending our US$395 reduced upgrade pricing for Maptitude 6.0 licenses until June 30th (also available for Maptitude 2012 and 2013). This deal saves you $300!

Also, each U.S. order will include a free U.S. ZIP Code update (a $250 value) for a total savings of $550!

If you don't know your version or have an older license of Maptitude, contact us to check on your eligibility for upgrade pricing.

Limited Offer: Valid until June 30, 2014. Valid for Maptitude 6.0 or later. Restrictions Apply.

Featured Maptitude Map: Average Medicare Office Visit Payments by State (USA)

This map, made with Maptitude 2014, highlights regional variations in Medicare payments for office visits. States with higher payments than the national average are shown in dark orange and states with lower payments are shown in light green. Average Medicare Office Visit Payments by State

The average Medicare payment per office visit by state was calculated using CMS data on services provided to Medicare beneficiaries by health professionals.

This data can be used directly with Maptitude, allowing analysts to explore payment trends and identify unusual provider and service patterns. Government agencies and insurers can use the data to identify high-priced providers, potential fraud, and spot location-based variations in the patterns of care. Consumer groups may use the data to identify high-volume or low-volume providers in their attempts to identify the best physicians.

When used with the Maptitude 2014 USA Country Package deeper insights can be made into issues of provision by socio-economic characteristics by geography, using the wealth of demographics provided with the software (more...).  

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"Maptitude...has a significantly flatter learning curve than other GIS software. You get a fully functional GIS and extensive data for 1/3 the price of other GIS products."

Dr. Dick Hoskins, Washington State Department of Health

Tech Tip FAQ: How do I use company logos for point icons?

Maptitude map with image iconsMaptitude maps can be displayed in a wide variety of ways, such as using custom company logos for each location along with automatic text labeling that identifies each point. There is no limit to the number of point styles that can be applied in Maptitude. You can use any of your own images, and the software includes hundreds of icons that can differentiate customers, locations, and competitors.

» Learn How Here

International: 2014 United Kingdom Country Package Released

Maptitude UK Country Package MapThe 2014 Country Package for the United Kingdom now includes income data, plus has many other demographic and map updates including refreshed streets, postal boundaries and postcode points!

» 2014 UK Country Package

Tricks & Tips: Show Labels & Features Directly From The Display Manager

Maptitude Mapping Software Did You KnowMaptitude makes it easy to customize maps. You can choose exactly those geographic features and layers which you want to be visible.

Many items in the Display Manager (accessed via Map-Display Manager) can be right-clicked to display a context-sensitive menu that allows you to change the visibility of the item in the map. For example you can choose to show layers, labels, and feature classes such as road types.

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