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Fall 2021: People's Guide to Redistricting; Minority Coalition Districts; Maptitude for Redistricting and MORe Improvements; Plan Publisher Add-On
Fall 2020: Maptitude for Redistricting 2020; Newest Users; Redistricting Services and Products
Fall 2019: Maptitude for Redistricting News; Redistricting Commissions Map; Training
Summer 2019: Prepare for 2020 Redistricting; North Carolina Senate Changes; Learning Maptitude for Redistricting 2019; Cut Edges Measure of Compactness
Summer 2016: Caliper at NCSL Chicago; 2020 Reapportionment to Shift Political Clout; Publishing Redistricting Plans on the Internet
Summer 2012: NYC BoE Reprecincts with Maptitude; City and County Redistricting with Maptitude; Maptitude for Redistricting Role in Redistricting Litigation
Winter 2012: Arizona and Hennepin County (MN) Choose Maptitude for Redistricting; Reprecincting with Maptitude P&E; Deciding Which Version of Maptitude for Redistricting is Right for You
Summer 2011: Ohio Chooses Maptitude for Redistricting; City of Los Angeles Renews Maptitude for Redistricting; Idaho Deploys Maptitude Online Redistricting
Spring 2011: Fairfax VA First Governmental Entity to Redistrict Online; Napa CA Training
Winter 2011: Fairfax VA and Orange County CA Select Maptitude Online Redistricting; NCSL Redistricting Seminar; Newton MA Training
Fall 2010: Iowa Legislature Selects Maptitude for Redistricting; NCSL Fall Forum; Maptitude Online Redistricting Evaluations
Summer 2010: North Carolina Legislature Selects Maptitude for Redistricting; NCSL National Redistricting Seminar; Get a Jump on Redistricting with Caliper's Census Block Groups with Demographic Projections for 2010; Newton MA Training
Spring 2010: Maptitude for Redistricting Extension for ArcGIS Now Available; Adjusting PL 94-171 Data to Account for the Prison Population; Montana Legislature Selects Maptitude for Redistricting; Maptitude Online Redistricting to Deput in July; Newton MA Training
Winter 2010: New Clients; Kansas Legislature Chooses Caliper to Adjust PL 94-171 Data; Using ESRI File Geodatabases; Redistricting Services and Products from Caliper