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New Release: Maptitude 2016 Adds MapPoint Features & Tools!

Buy Maptitude 2016 NowMaptitude 2016 supports Microsoft MapPoint-like tools & queries and dominates the space vacated by MapPoint. With enhanced versions of the features that MapPoint users are familiar with, Maptitude retains the ease-of-use of the MapPoint tools while providing functionality that Microsoft users could only wish for.

Maptitude Mapping Software 2016 New and Updated Data

The new and improved tools include:

  • Territory management & import: Create territories on any map layer from States down to ZIP Codes and Census Tracts. You can have overlapping territories, can track aggregate data such as population, and can add areas in bulk (e.g. all the ZIP Codes in a County). 
  • Route/directions management & PDF reports: Create and schedule your routes and waypoints, while being able to save and load routes that you have created in any map. Create attractive PDF strip chart reports.

Feature equivalent to MapPoint and supports MapPoint files

Imports MapPoint PTM files
Unlimited layers/geocoding/routing
Radius/Drive-time tools
Routing tools
Export to Excel
  • Hover label tool: Quickly view customizable information for any map layer as you hover over the map.
  • Drawing tools: Any drawn shape can be used to create a demographic report with a simple right click. New radius and line drawing tools show distance labels and track the size of the item drawn. 
  • Map layers: Metropolitan areas and 3-digit ZIP Code areas have been integrated into all tools and maps, allowing geocoding, thematic visualization, and territory creation.
  • File formats: Open Microsoft map files when Maptitude and MapPoint, Streets & Trips, or AutoRoute are installed on the same Windows device.
  • Excel export tool: Any of your areas can be used to create Excel reports, and these include multi-location, multi-ring, drive-time rings and buffers. 

Buy Maptitude 2016 NowPlease contact the Maptitude Sales Team with any questions. View our new Maptitude 2016 videos here.

“So how did my experience of Maptitude turn out - well it's fantastic. I have achieved everything I wanted to be able to do, and more, regarding analyzing business data for all sorts of industries.”

Stephen Kilbee Owner, COVERPOINT. Read the Case Study here

Featured Maptitude Map: Where the Coffee is Brewing

The 2016 Country Packages include an updated point landmark database that includes thousands of retail stores and restaurants, including coffee shops in the United States. The map below shows the concentration of coffee shops by state where you can see that coffee shops are more prevalent in the colder climate states. The greatest concentration can be found in Rhode Island, followed closely by Massachusetts (home of Dunkin Donuts) and Washington (home of Starbucks).

The two largest chains by far are Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, followed by Tim Horton's, Caribou, and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. The chain with the most stores in each state is also shown on the map. Starbucks is predominant in 35 states, including the entire western half of the country, Dunkin Donuts is predominant in 14 states, mostly in the Northeast and South coast, and Caribou Coffee is predominant in its home state of Minnesota.

Maptitude map of Coffee Shop Concentration in the U.S.

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Tech Tip: How Do I Schedule My Waypoint Arrival, Duration, and Departure Times?

Routing optionsThe new Routing Manager make it easy to create and manage your routes. Being able to control the characteristics of the route and each waypoint, such as itinerary and driving speeds, is a critical step in the planning of your routes. This was one of the best features of Microsoft MapPoint and is new in Maptitude 2016!

This Tech Tip shows how you can do this with Maptitude 2016.

» Learn How Here

Tricks & Tips: Excel Reports for Radius Drawing Tool

Maptitude can prepare Excel-ready detailed reports

You can quickly create detailed reports from your radius drawing items, or from any of the area creation drawing tools. This was one of the best features of Microsoft MapPoint and has been improved in Maptitude 2016! Not only can you export pushpins and thematics, but you will also get a detailed demographic Excel report for your market area.

Once you have drawn your shape, lasso, or radius using the Drawing Toolbox, you simply right click on your drawing item and choose choose Export to Excel. A Microsoft Excel Workbook is created that has a sheet with a demographic breakdown, plus sheets for any other data that you have mapped and that falls within your shape.

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