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December 2013 Newsletter
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Featured Maptitude Maps:
Vanderbilt Hospital Patient Distribution 

This month we showcase a map of the distribution of Vanderbilt Hospital patients by ZIP Code. "Knowing where your customers come from is essential to operating a business. This map shows that Vanderbilt University Hospital draws patients from all over Tennessee and eastern Kentucky, plus a smattering from northern Mississippi and Alabama. The average distance traveled to a business can be calculated if you know how many persons come from each ZIP Code." (Hendrickson Consulting)

The data are sourced from the Medicare Hospital Service Area File, a valuable US government dataset. When used with Maptitude, maps can be created showing the number of discharges, length of stay, and total charges by provider number and ZIP code of the Medicare beneficiary.

Map of Patients by ZIP Code
Map created by Hendrickson Consulting, used with permission

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If you would like to see your maps showcased here, or are interested in custom map making services and software please contact Caliper.


Focus on Maptitude:
Caliper Brings Site Location Analysis to Real Estate with the Free Maptitude MassStats Application

Caliper wants to turn real estate agents, site planners, and home buyers into cartographers with a new mapping tool designed to visualize demographic data.

A wonderful Free website with public information important to every homebuyer.

Kathleen DiVirgilio,
real estate agent

In November, Caliper launched Maptitude MassStats, a free web-based software tool designed to let anyone explore data for Massachusetts such as education, crime, environment, and election results. MassStats is a valuable real estate tool that will help organizations have a better understanding of location. Companies can look at where they can relocate to be near public transportation, while families can identify a safe neighborhood with good schools. 

The idea is to help people get more value out of the complex and de-centralized big data already publicly available. If that data can be plotted on a map, it will be easier for organizations and the public to make decisions, Caliper executives said at the company's offices in Newton, MA (USA).

MassStats Web Site

It's taking "the often overly complex and unusable government data, and through mapping bringing a more intuitive and powerful form of interaction," said Howard Slavin, President of Caliper Corporation.

With MassStats, anyone can choose to view data down to the town and street level, see commuter rail stops, school district scores, hospital locations, and even crime statistics. The data are all presented with user-friendly maps. You simply choose from a menu the information that you would like to see, and a color-coded map of cities and towns is displayed. You can use tools to zoom in and out on the map and can click on a city or town to see specific data for that community in a table.

Good thematic analysis can be complex, especially in a web interface. This Maptitude powered application does a nice job of making it simple for the user.

Steve Lombardi, Microsoft

  MassStats Table

Maptitude makes it easy to create the maps you need. Please contact our Maptitude Sales Team with any questions.  


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Free Mapping Resources:
Using Layout Reports Video 

This month's free resource is a new Layouts webinar video hosted by an expert Maptitude trainer. The webinar covers how to create and customize layout reports, print to PDF, and choose data fields.

Maptitude Layout from Webinar

Mapping Software Webinars (with audio) and webinar registration

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Maptitude 2013 Training:
Maptitude Mapping Software Training DatesLimited Availability

Advance registration for the instructor-led training courses is required. Upcoming classes:

December 16-17: London (UK)
March 3-5: Boston MA

Space is limited, so register online as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please call Maptitude Training (USA) at +1 617-527-4700, or send an e-mail to

Maptitude International News:
Maptitude Demos in Sao Paulo, Brazil 

The Caliper Corporation booth (#1944) at the Transpo Quip Latin America 2013 conference will feature Maptitude Mapping Software. The event takes place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on December 3-5, 2013. The free conference is the leading event for solutions for the transportation infrastructure industry in Brazil and Latin America.

Attendees are invited to view the powerful capabilities of Maptitude for Brazil which is tailored specifically to the Brazilian market and can be used in conjunction with the  beta Portuguese menu tool.

There are also Maptitude Country Packages available for many other Latin American countries.

Did You Know?
Retail Data in Maptitude

Maptitude Mapping Software Did You KnowMaptitude is a powerful tool for retail analysis. It includes detailed demographics describing the locations of businesses, households, residents, and employees, which are critical for market research. In combination with the latest demographics, the drive-time ring and territory tools provide a clear picture of sales and competition and can be overlaid with data such as buying power/disposable income. (See sales & marketing maps here.)

For example, Maptitude Country Packages include comprehensive locations for shops, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, and more. These data provide a complete framework for exploring retail scenarios.  

Maptitude News and Press:

Rolling Stone: How Republicans Rig the Game

A Healthy Understanding, (featuring Maptitude maps)

KQED: Redistricting in Oakland: Down to Two Potential Maps

Oakland Local: Oakland redistricting talk: 45 proposed maps now circulating

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Maptitude Solutions:

Banking GIS

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Community Development

Election Management

Enterprise GIS

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GIS Software

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Tech Tip:
Analyze Market Area Demographics

Because most retail outlets target particular socio-economic groups, it is useful to be able to visualize the reach of stores in relation to target demographics. Maptitude analysis tools can determine the area required to be able to service a target population such as people in a particular age and income group. By identifying these market areas, retailers can better asses their store placement and competition.

Maptitude Map of 100,000 Population Rings Around StoresMaptitude can create rings so that they contain a particular value such as population, income, or area. The width of each ring is computed by Maptitude on the fly. For a video tutorial see: Creating Overlays and Buffers.

Maptitude is widely used to conduct site, territory, and marketing research. For example, new stores can be considered in locations where there is a gap in the market, and sales campaigns can be conducted to assess the market potential. By cross-referencing data from multiple sources, such as loyalty schemes and demographics, it is even possible to prioritize certain opportunities to better inform and real estate decisions.

The following steps illustrate how to create rings around locations and to identify those areas reaching a particular group:

  1. Choose File-New, choose Map from the New File dialog box, and click OK. This brings you to the Create-a-Map Wizard.

  2. Choose the Map of my own data option.

  3. Browse for the Excel file containing your data. Choose the sheet in the Excel workbook that contains your data and has fields such as address and postal code. Click OK.

  4. Follow the prompts for locating your data by address. Maptitude creates a map of your data.

  5. Choose the layer to use in creating the bands from the drop-down list on the Standard toolbar.

  6. Choose Tools-Geographic Analysis-Bands or click on the Standard toolbar to display the Bands dialog box.

  7. Choose to create bands around All Features from the Bands Around drop-down list.

  8. Type a name for the new map layer in the Create Layer edit box.

  9. Check Build to Value, choose the source layer and field from the drop-down lists. This is usually the default overlay layer, and a field such as Population.

  10. Type in the target values you want, separated by spaces or commas (e.g. 1000, 2000 people). 

  11. Check Separate Bands to have each feature have its own separate bands. You can choose a field to name the bands from the Band Names From drop-down list. 

  12. Click OK. Maptitude displays the Save As dialog box. Type a file name for the new geographic file, and click Save.

  13. Maptitude creates a new layer containing the bands and adds the new layer to the map. 

To insert your results into a presentation you can choose File-Save As for each window to export your map and figure for use outside of Maptitude.

International Mapping

Maptitude International Mapping Software


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