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  November 2011
Upgrade to Maptitude 6.0
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Maptitude Classroom Training:
Updated Curriculum for 6.0

Maptitude Training DatesThe next scheduled instructor-led training course will be December 12-13, in London (UK). Advance registration is required.

The new and updated curriculum reflects the features in the recently released Maptitude 6.0.

Space is limited, so register online as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please call Maptitude Training (USA) at +1 617-527-4700, or send an e-mail to


Caliper also offers several training options:  

 • Instructor-led classroom training
 • Private training
 • Web-based training

 • Free Learning Resources


Free Mapping Resources:

This month's free resource is a new training video:

Using Maptitude with Australia Data Using Maptitude 6.0 with the Australian Data DVD 

Maptitude Spotlight

Maptitude 6.0 has been featured in the "GISCafe Voice" blog. The Maptitude Product Manager, Stewart Berry, is interviewed, and provides insight into the features of Maptitude 6.0.

The wealth of data included with Maptitude is highlighted, especially in regards to the inclusion of Census 2010 demographics and unlimited address geocoding. More...

Did You Know?
Draw Circles by Distance

Did You KnowYou can use the Freehand Circle tool to quickly create circles of a particular radius. Simply choose the tool from the Drawing Toolbox and single click on a map to be able to enter the distance you require. 

Maptitude in the News:
New York Times: Battles to Shape Maps, and Congress, Go to Courts
Arizona Daily Star: Latest proposed map puts Tucson into three congressional districts 
Columbia Law School Magazine: Drawing the Lines 
The Spokesman Review: And the new redistricters are at work
Featured Data Product:
2010 U.S. Census Blocks Groups CD 

Block Groups Map

The 2010 U.S. Census Blocks Groups CD is now available for the entire USA.

The 2010 U.S. Census Block Groups Data CD is packed with information about the US population and is essential for making accurate location-based decisions. The product has been updated to reflect the latest 2010 boundaries and US data.

The CD contains a nationwide area database with 220,180 Census Block Groups and 2010 Census demographic data. Block Groups are a combination of Census Blocks and are also a subdivision of Census Tracts. Block Groups generally contain between 600 and 3000 people and are made up of on average 40 Census Blocks.

You will be able to answer questions such as "How many potential customers live within half a mile of my store?" or "In which location should we expand our market?"

Included are 2010 Census counts for 147 fields that include total population, age, gender, race and ethnicity, and also total housing units broken down by whether they are vacant or occupied.

Price: US$250. Place your order online at the Caliper Store.

Tech Tip:
Using the Map Librarian to Map 2010 USA Demographic Data

Maptitude GIS Map

Maptitude 6.0 provides a map library that contains pre-designed maps listed by USA Census category (see the training video). These include thematic maps of demographic, economic, and housing data by ZIP Code, Tract, County, and State.

The Map Librarian lets you open one or more of these maps for a chosen location, allowing you to quickly analyze U.S. Census data for your area of interest. 

The following steps walk you through this task:

1. Choose Tools-Map Librarian, and make a choice from the Choose a Map Category list.

2. Choose one or more maps from the Choose the Map(s) You Want list (Ctrl- and Shift-clicking allow multiple choices).

3. Choose Other Location... from the Choose a Bookmark list, and click OK.  Maptitude displays the Find tool.

4. Choose whether to display the chosen maps for an address, city, ZIP Code, county, or state from the scroll list and enter information about the chosen location in the edit boxes.

5. Click OK.

Maptitude opens the maps you have selected at the location you chose using the Find tool.

Featured Maptitude Maps:
Idaho Congressional District Maps

This month we showcase Idaho Congressional maps created with Maptitude Online Redistricting:

Maptitude Map
"Oden SW vs Eastern and Northern 1"
Maptitude Map
"US Highway 20 and I 84 North South Split"

If you would like to see your maps showcased here, please contact Caliper.


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