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Maptitude is the Replacement for MapPoint- with Benefits!

With Microsoft MapPoint support ending on July 2015, Maptitude now dominates the space vacated by Microsoft. Maptitude is a widely-used and fully featured mapping application targeted at business users in every global market.

Feature equivalent to MapPoint and supports MapPoint files

Imports MapPoint PTM files
Unlimited layers/geocoding/routing
Radius/Drive-time tools
Routing tools
Export to Excel

New FeaturesNew Features Coming in Maptitude 2016!

• Enhanced radius tool
• New territory manager

Map sharing

Maptitude integration and sharingSave your maps to images, PDFs, Google Map files, and check out Maptitude Leaflet Mapplications here.

MapPoint developers welcome!

Updated .NET APIs allow developers to migrate MapPoint apps to Maptitude, with support for .NET, C#, VB/VBA, COM and more.

The only value-priced (US$695) business mapping application

Control sensitive data without storing on an external Cloud
One-off software purchase without costly annual/monthly service subscription fees

"After much research I decided to purchase Maptitude from Caliper, the relatively comparable cost and flexibility made it the obvious choice." -- Stephen Kilbee Owner, COVERPOINT. Read the Case Study here

Using Outdated Data & Technology? Upgrade to Maptitude 2015!

US$395 Maptitude 2015 Upgrades!

You need the newest maps, the latest demographics, and the fastest, most intuitive Maptitude! Maptitude 2013 and Maptitude 2014 customers can still save US$300 by upgrading for US$395! USA orders will include a free ZIP Code update (a US$250 value) for a total savings of US$550!

Upgrade to Maptitude 2015

Limited Offer: Valid for Maptitude 2013 or later. Restrictions Apply. Contact us to confirm pricing eligibility: StoreE-mail, Phone +1 617-527-4700.

Featured Maptitude Map: MapPoint Megafile Costco & Walmart Locations (USA) Using Maptitude 2015

Popular with MapPoint users, the Point Of Interest (POI) Megafile is a Microsoft Streets and Trips (S&T) map containing thousands of travel related locations in over 220 pushpin layers. The locations include retail chains, rest areas, state parks, restaurants, campgrounds and more.

POI Megafile mapMaptitude includes an extensive database of businesses at no additional charge. These locations can be used with your own data or with store listings from other sources, including the Megafiles and as shown in the Tech Tip below.

Made with Maptitude 2015, the featured map shows the locations of Walmart, Costco, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods stores as listed in the March 2013 POI Megafile.

Color/heat mapping is used to identify each retail store brand.

Maptitude allows you to explore competitor locations, optimal site location, market opportunities, and a host of other site selection tools. If you have any questions about data availability, please contact Caliper.

» More Featured Maps

"If you're looking for data visualization and geographic analysis, Maptitude is your best bet."  -- Editor, 

Tech Tip: How Do I Open MapPoint Map Files in Maptitude 2015?

Import your MapPoint dataMapPoint users can migrate their data to Maptitude 2015 via a simple File-Open. The ability to easily access MapPoint pushpins and territories will be valuable to users that have invested in MapPoint, but who now need to move to Maptitude following the discontinuation of the Microsoft product.

» Learn How Here

Data: New Block Groups & Congressional Districts (USA)!

New 2015 Country PackagesCaliper is excited to announce the latest release of the 114th Congressional Districts and the Census Block Groups. Both map layers now include the latest detailed U.S. Census data from the 2013 American Community Survey (ACS.) There are up to 505 updated demographic characteristics that cover income, gender, age, race, ethnicity, travel time, commuting, poverty, housing characteristics, education, employment, and more.

Block Groups are smaller and more detailed than the ZIP Codes and Census Tracts that ship with Maptitude. With Block Groups you will be able to better answer questions such as, "How many potential customers live within half a mile of my store?" or, "In which location should we expand our market?"

Congressional Districts are essential for corporate legislative affairs departments, lobbyists, political consultants, political parties, and anyone else involved in political affairs. You will be able to answer questions such as, "In which districts are my addresses and ZIP Codes located?" or, "In which districts should I expend the most effort?"

Buy Block Group Data NowBuy Congressional District Data Now

Tricks & Tips: Using Drawing Tools To Export Data to Excel in Maptitude 2015 

Maptitude Mapping Software Did You KnowMaptitude 2015 users can create an Excel report via a simple right-click Export to Excel on most drawing shapes in a map (see this video). The ability to export locations and heat maps to individual Excel sheets was a favorite of MapPoint customers. This tool is one of many that ensure that Maptitude is feature equivalent to the discontinued MapPoint (more...). Familiar but improved tools are providing a smooth transition from MapPoint to Maptitude.

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