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Maptitude Video Tutorials

Using Maptitude in Conjunction with Microsoft Excel

This video covers the many ways that you can use Excel with Maptitude mapping software. See below for the topics covered. | 14:00 minutes

In this video:
0:00 - Locating your data on a new map
3:01 - Showing your customer data on postal code areas
4:04 - Locating data on an existing map
4:49 - Modifying the style and label on geocoded map features
5:32 - Exporting data to Excel with the Radius tool
7:08 - Creating buffers and exporting the results to Excel
8:52 - Creating distance/travel-time tables and displaying the results in Excel
9:53 - Creating drive-time rings and exporting the results to Excel
12:42 - Updating a linked map with changes to your Excel file