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Maptitude for Redistricting Software

Maptitude Online Redistricting is web-based redistricting software designed for governments or organizations that want to provide their members or the general public with a means to draw and report redistricting plans. Because the Windows and online versions share common file formats, plans developed online can be electronically submitted to the central redistricting office, opened in the Windows-based software, and analyzed to the full extent as if they had been created using the Windows-based software.

The Maptitude Online Redistricting screen contains the plan map, a dataview listing the existing districts and their statistics, and a dataview of pending changes based upon the user's current actions. The redistricting toolbox is similar to the toolbox in the desktop version, and the user can zoom, pan, and query the map using the mapping tools.

Maptitude Online Redistricting

Maptitude Online Redistricting – Public Edition

Redistricting online tools support public participation and transparency. The Maptitude Online Redistricting Public Edition is intended for states that are legally required to, or simply wish to, open the redistricting process up to the general public. Anyone can logon, establish a user name and password, and create one or more redistricting plans. The system administrator can limit the number of plans, restrict the number of districts, and specify the level of geographic detail (e.g., to the block or VTD). The user can transmit the finished plan to the system administrator for further analysis. Either the state or Caliper Corporation can host the Public Edition.

Maptitude Online Redistricting – Legislator Edition

The Legislator Edition is intended for states that use the Windows-based version for their redistricting staff and key legislators, but who want to extend the redistricting capability to the members at large. The Legislator Edition contains many of the features found in the Windows-based software but has been simplified in a number of ways so that members peripheral to the core redistricting process can still participate with little or no training in the software. For example, the online version does not let the user modify the plan settings. The system administrator sets the control field, number of districts, summary fields, geographic hierarchy, etc. The user has the choice of creating a new plan from an empty plan (a template), the current plan, or a copy of an existing plan.

The Legislator Edition contains strict user-access controls requiring a user name and password. Users can create multiple plans, print basic reports, and transmit completed plans to the system administrator for further analysis. Typically the state legislature hosts the Legislator Edition, but Caliper can host if requested.

Technical Requirements

Server-side requirements for Maptitude Online Redistricting can be found in the Redistricting Learning Portal.

Instructions for using Maptitude Online Redistricting can be found here.


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