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New 2016 Country PackagesNew 2017 Country Packages for the UK & Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and New Zealand

Seven 2017 Country Packages have now been released. Details for each can be found on the Maptitude 2017 New Features page. The United Kingdom and IrelandCanadaBrazilMexico, and New Zealand Country Packages are now available, as well as the 2017 USA Country Package. 

Key Features for Brazil, Mexico, UK & Ireland, Canada, New Zealand:

» Improved address matching/geocoding

» Updated street/road, business location, natural feature, building, landmark, city/town, and railway layers

» Updated travel times using real traffic patterns

» A new distance and drive-time tool creates an Excel table that lists the costs of travel between any number of origins and destinations

Additional Features:

» UK & Ireland: 2015 population estimates by age and gender for the UK; New layers for Ireland with demographics; Daytime and workplace population added for the UK

» Canada: Greatly improved geocoding; new layers such as phone Area Code Boundaries;  2016 population, population change, and dwelling data added

» New Zealand: New layer with almost 2 million accurate address point locations; Updated 2017 Meshblock Layer

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Featured Map:

The 2017 Solar Eclipse

Maptitude 2017 eclipse map

This month we used shapefiles from NASA to map the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse using Maptitude 2017. The projection (choose File > Properties > Change Projection > The World > Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area) used allows us to see the percentage that the sun will be obscured globally. 

» More about this map and other featured maps

Tech Tip:

How do I use the new & improved global geocoding tools in Maptitude 2017?

Improved global geocoding for Maptitude

The June release of Maptitude includes new and improved global geocoding tools.

Please contact us if you require this functionality and are not seeing it in your version of Maptitude 2017.

This Tech Tip uses Maptitude 2017 and shows you how to:

• Use the new Locate by World City Tool

• Use the improved Find tool for zooming to global locations

» Learn How Here

Tricks & Tips:

Using Maptitude 2017 without a Country Package?

The June release of Maptitude supports a World Package when no Country Packages are installed.

When no Country Packages are installed, you can now use the Create a Map Wizard to open General Purpose maps, and to choose Map My Own Data to geocode your locations by country, by world city/town, and by coordinate. You can also use the Create a Map Wizard to show world country boundaries with your data attached.

Please contact us if you require this functionality and are not seeing it in your version of Maptitude 2017.

Please also note that there is a Download Free Layers Add-In that allows you to create Country Packages for anywhere in the world using open source data, and supports geocoding of varying accuracy all over the world.

Learning Maptitude:

UK Training Dates & 2017 Videos for UK and Canada!

Maptitude training

Upcoming Training:

September 19-21, 2017
Newton MA, USA

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March 19-20, 2018
Bicester, UK

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New Maptitude 2017 Videos

» Using Maptitude with the Canada Country Package (YouTube)

» Using Maptitude with the United Kingdom Country Package (YouTube)

Maptitude training

New 2017 Webinars!

» Upcoming webinar schedule and past webinars

» Other free mapping and learning resources

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» Mapped: American people’s ancestry 

» Mapped: The largest coffee chains in the US  

» USP creates database with municipal bus lines in São Paulo   

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International Mapping:

Maptitude International Mapping Software


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