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Maptitude CBRE Forum Analytics® Replacement

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Simms Online™ Alternative

Successfully locating facilities is one of the most critical decisions a business can make. That is why location intelligence is required to identify, compare, rank, and explore your potential sites. Our mapping and geographic information system (GIS) software, Maptitude, supports local business placements or nationwide footprint network optimizations. Businesses from mom-and-pop stores to Fortune 500 companies in a broad range of industries use our planning tools, which range from visualizing demographics to advanced simulations of territory alignments.

Blog: Why 70% of Fortune 50 companies rely on Maptitude

What does Maptitude do?

Maptitude is a fully integrated mapping and reporting solution that offers a simple, interactive platform for growing businesses to monitor and manage their portfolios and growth. Maptitude provides tools that allow you to analyze markets across the USA and internationally, and comes with extensive data such as traffic counts, branded business locations, and many more datasets critical for your siting decisions.

Retail site selection analysts can leverage the power of Maptitude to make better decisions and with more precision. Map where your customers reside and where potential customers live using geodemographic customer profiles. When expanding to an adjacent area, see which nearby town or ZIP Code you are getting more engagement from to target with the next location. Use population projections to predict where customers will be.

Maptitude is only US$695 annually and can also be purchased as a one-off solution or as an online subscription.

Real estate mapping software illustrates Census demographic map data

Quantify the demographic differences among locations

CKE Restaurants CASE STUDY: How CKE Grew Their Business with Maptitude
CKE relies on Maptitude to simplify territory identification and allocation, as well as to improve franchisee satisfaction through providing insightful market intelligence.

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Kellye Martin

“I have access to traffic counts, local businesses, demographic information, drive times, and aerial imagery, all at the tips of my fingers. The program is easy to use, as well.”

Kellye Martin
GIS Analyst, Coast Realty Associates
Providence, Rhode Island
Louis Scudere

“Maptitude is critical for providing information in commercial real estate location selection. Maptitude is a very versatile GIS system which is able to produce a wide variety of maps economically.”

Louis Scudere
Principal, Riverbend Retail Consulting LLC
Johnson City, Tennessee

Site Selection

Maptitude allows you to score both prospective sites, existing locations, or a combination of the two, to evaluate the best placements or to identify over- and under- performers.

Use the Facility Location Wizard to identify good locations for warehouses, hospitals, retail stores, manufacturing facilities, and other types of facilities. You can choose a specific number of facilities to open or have Maptitude determine the number that is required to meet a specific objective.

Map of favorable facility locations created with Maptitude alternative to CBRE Forum Analytics

Map of favorable facility locations created with Maptitude alternative to CBRE Forum Analytics

Customer Analysis

The Maptitude Demographic Segmentation presents data in a way that is easy to visualize and interpret, making it easy to identify potential business or franchise locations. Geodemographics can help you identify your best customers or to discover a target market that you were not previously reaching. In addition to this, you will be able to export qualitative demographic data for your territories and create eye-catching and engaging maps for presentations.

A geodemographic segmentation clusters geographic areas into groups based on the people living in them. In Maptitude, eight segments are sub-categorized with each being given unique names based on their demographic makeup. Geodemographic segmentations can be used to:

  • Search for potential markets for a new franchise location
  • Analyze the success of current business locations based on demographics
  • Understand the composition of your target market
  • Examine prevalence of different demographics from region to region
  • Quickly and easily visualize the demographic composition of an area
Map illustrating franchise locations with underlying geodemographic segments in Maptitude alternative to SIMMS Online

Compare franchise locations with geodemographic segments in Maptitude, the SIMMS Online alternative.

Trade Area Analysis

A trade area analysis provides a visual picture of the area served by competing locations. For example, you can better see the geography of the "breakpoint" that separates customers going to your locations versus competitor locations.

The Maptitude Market Share Model is an extremely useful tool for analyzing current trade areas, for exploring changes based on "What If" analysis, and for calculating demographics or other socioeconomics for each trade area. When you have a need to visualize market share and brand strength, you can do so geographically. This is possible by modeling how likely people are to travel to your service or location, with the assumption that closer locations are more attractive. You can then see the market in terms of percentage market share gradient rings, or at the postal, county, or even state and national levels. Market share modeling is a powerful tool that offers crucial business insights and is implemented in Maptitude as a Wizard that gets you to insightful answers with only a few clicks.

Retaurant chain trade area market share trade area analysis created with Maptitude alternative to CBRE Forum Analytics

Retaurant chain trade area analysis created with Maptitude alternative to CBRE Forum Analytics

Market and Territory Optimization

Well mapped territories based on a solid data foundation improve revenue and the morale of franchiseessales representatives, and regional managers. Rebalancing territories to support fair assignments in terms of sales opportunities and workload improves commitment and engagement, while ensuring that your sales and marketing metrics accurately reflect the efforts of your teams.

Maptitude has simplified the process of territory optimization, providing a series of "best" maps to choose from. These are simulated from thousands of variations that are based on the variables you select such as populations, sales, or customers, while making the regions as compact as possible. Manual adjustments to reflect on-the-ground realities can then be performed using a map view in discussion with your sales and marketing teams.

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Solving a Facility Location Problem with Maptitude

Frequently Asked MapPoint Questions

What are the types of retail analytics?

There are 6 types of retail analytics.

1. Sales Analytics: Allows store owners to analyze sales data to identify trends and patterns, such as which products are selling best and at what time of day.

2. Customer Analytics: Is used to gain insights into customer behavior, such as which customers are buying, how often they are buying, and what types of promotions are the most successful.

3. Inventory Analytics: Is used to track inventory levels and identify opportunities for inventory optimization.

4. Pricing Analytics: Allows store owners to track and analyze pricing data to identify opportunities for price optimization.

5. Promotion Analytics: Is used to analyze the effectiveness of various promotions and identify opportunities for improved promotion strategies.

6. Location Analytics: Is used to identify the most profitable locations for a store and identify opportunities for store expansion.

What is retail analytics software?

Retail analytics software is a type of business intelligence software specifically designed for retail companies. It provides detailed insights into customer behavior, sales trends, inventory management, and more. This type of software enables retailers to gain valuable insights into their business and make more informed decisions that can help them boost sales and profits. Maptitude can enhance your retail analytics and location intelligence through an intuitive map-based interface coupled with extensive demographic and geographic data.


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