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Maptitude SafeGraph® Alternative

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SafeGraph Replacement

Maptitude includes a vast amount of business-critical data at no additional cost, such as demographics, boundaries, streets, and the most accurate ZIP Code/postal boundaries available.

There is an amazing amount of useful data included with Maptitude Mapping Software. Maptitude includes a FREE Country Package with a tremendous amount of nationwide geographic, Census, and demographic information so that you can get started as soon as you access the application.

In addition, there is an extensive catalog of business and demographic data that lets you analyze and find the best opportunities for your organization. Maptitude demographic and business data are available in a number of formats including table formats for use in spreadsheets/databases and geographic layers for use in GIS and mapping software.

Maptitude mapping softwareNationwide mapping out of the box!

Learn more about the extensive data included with Maptitude.

Request Data in Any Format For Any Application

Any of our datasets can be:
  • customized to meet your needs
  • converted for use with your application
  • provided in your preferred file format
  • provided as database tables/spreadsheets

Custom Data

For accurate models use a dependable Point-of-Interest POI database

Maptitude includes millions of POI records with information on location, category and brand, lat/long, address, phone number, and more. See why Maptitude is such a popular data source for locations all around the world.

The database includes point layers for 85 categories of location in the USA, 84 categories in Canada, and 89 categories in the United Kingdom. Categories include shopping malls, banks, restaurants, clothing stores, auto dealerships, grocery stores, pharmacies, and hospitals, and include points with company logos for automotive, bank, cellular phone, convenience store, gas/petrol, grocery, hotel, pharmacy, restaurant, and retail chains.

The locations of businesses and points of interest are available for Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), and the United States. These layers are perfect for site locationcompetitive analysisrouting, and real estate reports. The layers have attractive icons and can be added to any Maptitude map. 

Maptitude SafeGraph alternative map of points of interest and businesses

Accurate Building Footprint Polygons

The Maptitude Address Points and Building Footprint datasets support more accurate geocoding and site location analysis. The USA Address Points contains 48,644,837 addresses that cover 22 states and the District of Columbia, and are perfect for direct mail campaigns, door-to-door canvassing, school districting, rooftop accuracy visualizations, assisting with deliveries, and any other application for which more precise address data are required. The building footprints are available for the USA (over 124 million buildings), Canada (over 12 million buildings), or Australia (over 11 million buildings).

Maptitude SafeGraph alternative map of address points and building footprints

Maptitude SafeGraph alternative map of address points and building footprints

Understand Customer Behavior With Accurate Traffic Data

Aggregate traffic data to specific roads or to any geography such as Census Block Groups (CBGs). Maptitude traffic data helps you see trends of what locations or neighborhoods are getting traffic.

Maptitude allows you to analyze Total Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT), semi-trailer daily traffic, single-unit truck and bus daily traffic, number of through lanes, and road classification. Annual average daily traffic is the total volume of vehicle traffic on a highway or road for a year divided by 365 days. AADT is a useful and simple measurement of how busy a road is and is useful for:

  • selecting a new site or facility location, evaluating a site, or designing a territory
  • determining funding for highway maintenance and improvement \
  • forecasting road maintenance needs and expenditure
  • identifying the best location for your business based on traffic patterns
  • analyzing how traffic may impact store construction
  • analyzing the environmental hazards of sound and pollution related to road transport
Maptitude SafeGraph replacement map of traffic data

Learn More

To learn about data availability in your GIS file format of choice (e.g., shapefile, KML, KMZ, GeoJSON), please contact a Maptitude data expert today by emailing or by calling us at +1 617-527-4700.

Case Study:

DFA Analytics
How Digital Finance Analytics Assesses Financial Stress with Maptitude
Colleen Boyle

“Maptitude is an incredibly powerful program for a very competitive price. The integration of census data and the ease of using your own data make an incredibly useful program. They are continually adding new and free data points to the included data. If you need to visualize data on a map this is the program to get.”

Colleen Boyle
LABORERS International of North America
Brenden Morley

“The data is accurate and visually appealing. What this will mean in understanding the world around me is enormous. I have been able to jump right in and make beautiful, meaningful and accurate maps. Having the power to analytically divide markets, populations, etcetera, will result in decisions with pinpoint accuracy.”

Brenden Morley
Hillman Group

Maptitude Demo

Thematic Mapping with Maptitude

There's no better mapping software at any price. Why spend more for less?


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