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Maptitude for Redistricting

Alternative to BARD Better Automated Redistricting

Maptitude for Redistricting is the professional tool for political redistricting. It is used by a supermajority of the state legislatures, political parties, and public interest groups. Designed with the help of redistricting professionals, state legislatures, and political parties, Maptitude for Redistricting has the features redistricters want and is easy to learn and use. Use Maptitude for Redistricting as a replacement for BARD Better Automated Redistricting.

Maptitude for Redistricting Automated Tools

When you start working on a new plan, you may want to first automatically create compact districts centered around existing districts, communities of interest, residential locations of incumbents, or other locations. In general, you choose locations that represent what you want to be the geographical center of each district. You may select how to balance districts by determining the allowable percentage difference you want to achieve before you quit. For example, if the total number for the population of the districts is 100,000 individuals, defining 5% will result in no fewer than 95,000 individuals in each district.

Gerrymandering is the setting up of electoral boundaries so that a large number of seats will be held by one political group. But how are we to measure that? One innovative method contrasts a district proposal with an ensemble of other different proposals utilizing analytical and mathematical methods. The outcomes of the precinct-level elections are superimposed to decide how many seats each group should have gained under that strategy, and the results are plotted on a bell curve. If a particular plan on this bell curve is an extreme outlier, it is considered strong evidence that the plan may intentionally have been gerrymandered to achieve a particular partisan outcome.

League of Women Voters

“[The Florida Supreme Court] has acquired and utilized Maptitude software....Equipped with modern map analysis software and the parties' submissions, this Court will have the necessary tools to quickly and easily analyze compactness, boundaries, demographic information, and performance data without the need for extensive discovery or evidentiary proceedings and thus is able to effectively evaluate the data necessary to draw and consider alternative district configurations.”

– The League of Women Voters of Florida

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Autodistricts generated with Maptitude for Redistricting alternative to BARD Better Automated Redistricting

Autodistricts generated with Maptitude for Redistricting BARD replacement

Ensembles (simulations) created with Maptitude for Redistricting alternative to BARD Better Automated Redistricting

Ensembles (simulations) created with Maptitude for Redistricting alternative to BARD

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