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Alternative to Esri

With the Esri™ software being retired, now is the perfect time to consider Maptitude as you look for an Esri ArcMap replacement. Maptitude is an affordably priced, intuitive, but powerful GIS that comes packed with data and has both desktop and online applications, and desktop-to-web map publishing. In addition, Maptitude has extensive support for the Esri file formats including native File Geodatabase support and import.

There are many benefits when you use Maptitude as an alternative to Esri software:

  • Quickly see the information and trends hidden in your geographic data
  • Create 3-D maps, heat maps, territories, drive-time rings, hot-spots, charts, and reports
  • Import, analyze, segment, and report on data in almost any format
  • Map your data for any country in the world: where available use demographic, address, zip code, post code or county boundary data
  • Use location intelligence to filter and categorize data
  • Print, export, manage, share, and use located-based results
  • Contact us via phone and email during your 60 days of free technical support!
  • Use Maptitude mapping software and start seeing better maps and better results – Now!
Nancy Turner

“Maptitude is better than ArcGIS Business Analyst for most of what I need. It is easy to create and export Excel files that contain lists of data points, and the associated information, within polygons. Another benefit is that the learning curve is not steep (and the help documentation is excellent).”

Nancy Turner
Old Field Farms
Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan
Julie Strong

“Maptitude is a great GIS program that is infinitely easier to use than ArcGIS. I am a novice at GIS software, and I have access to both ArcGIS and Maptitude. Maptitude is significantly easier to use. ArcGIS is a very powerful sophisticated program, but it would take me weeks to learn to do some things that Maptitude does intuitively.”

Julie Strong
Montana Root Canal Specialists
Butte, Montana

Esri Pricing

  Maptitude ArcGIS 10.2
Single User License (Standard) $695 $7,000*
Annual Licensing $0 $3,000*
Data Included (HERE streets) Country Package of your choice included in the $695 price Ask for quote
State, County, ZIP Code, and Tract Level U.S. Census data Included with Country Package Ask for quote
Network Analyst: shortest routes, drive-time rings, service area definition, flow lines, and network/territory creation Included with Maptitude $2,500 (add-on extension)
Spatial Analyst: rings (bands/buffers), hot spots, areas of influence, weighted polygons, statistical analysis Included with Maptitude $2,500 (add-on extension)
Business Analyst: demographic reports, demographic data analysis, lifestyle segmentation Included with Maptitude (business data and lifestyle segmentation not included) $2,500 (add-on extension)
3D Analyst: 3D mapping and surface analysis Included with Maptitude $2,500 (add-on extension)

*As of 8/29/2017 according to

Preston Smith

“In 2013, my company made a decision to move from ArcView to Maptitude because of ESRI's annual licensing fees and the high expense for their extensions. At first, my GIS analyst was concerned about such a sudden change, but he was able to get proficient in only about a week. My firm serves school districts around the country, providing maps and demographic data to help with enrollment planning. Since changing to Maptitude, several clients have commented that the maps are easier to read, and provide more information than we used to be able to provide under ArcView. It was a good move. I just wish I had done it sooner.”

Preston Smith
Business Information Services LLC
Blue Springs, Missouri

Murtaza Haider

“It offers almost all functionality available in the standard versions of MapInfo and ArcView. Maptitude has a stable database engine that can read and write data from most commercially available software. In fact, Maptitude can read GIS maps developed in MapInfo and ArcView proprietary formats without the need of first converting those maps into Maptitude format.”

Murtaza Haider
Associate Professor, Ryerson University
Author: Getting Started with Data Science: Making Sense of Data with Analytics
Toronto, Ontario

Maptitude is the perfect solution for adding additional GIS users where Esri software is already in use. Maptitude:

  • Integrates with other vendor products by supporting formats such as Esri shapefiles, Esri geodatabases, and Esri ArcMap maps (more...)
  • Has lower costs, lower barriers to use, and a lower learning curve
  • Can be installed and used within minutes of receiving a download of the software
  • Has low IT support needs as an MS Office style application
  • Has low ongoing costs (one-off pricing with optional annual upgrades)
  • Is commonly used where there is already an Esri installation

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Alternative to ArcView

What was ArcView?

ArcView was a Geographic Information System (GIS) software developed by Esri, widely used for mapping and spatial analysis. It provided a user-friendly interface for professionals and enthusiasts to create, analyze, and visualize geographic data. Unfortunately, ArcView has been discontinued by Esri, leaving users in search of a suitable replacement. It was replaced by a new product line, ArcGIS, in 2000. The last release of ArcView GIS was version 3.3 (May 22, 2002).

What is the Best Replacement for ArcView?

Maptitude is a powerful ArcView alternative that has gained recognition for its robust features and versatility in the realm of GIS. Maptitude is a comprehensive GIS software developed by Caliper Corporation, designed to meet the mapping and spatial analysis needs of users across various industries.

One of the key reasons why Maptitude is considered the best replacement for ArcView is its user-friendly interface. Maptitude is known for its intuitive design, making it accessible to both GIS experts and those new to the field. The software's ease of use ensures a smooth transition for former ArcView users who are familiar with a similar straightforward approach.

Maptitude also boasts a wide range of advanced features, ensuring that users can perform complex spatial analyses and create visually compelling maps. From demographic analysis to route optimization, Maptitude covers a diverse set of applications, catering to the needs of professionals in fields such as sales territory planning, marketing, logistics, and more.

Additionally, Maptitude offers extensive data compatibility, allowing users to import and export data in various formats seamlessly. This flexibility ensures that users can work with data from different sources and integrate it into their GIS projects without any hassle.

The maintenance provided with Maptitude further enhances the appeal of the product. Users can rely on timely updates and a responsive support team to address any queries or issues they may encounter during their GIS projects.

While ArcView may be a thing of the past, Maptitude emerges as a worthy successor, offering a user-friendly experience, advanced features, and excellent support. For individuals and organizations seeking a reliable GIS solution, Maptitude stands out as the best replacement for ArcView, ensuring a smooth and efficient mapping and spatial analysis experience.

Compare market share.
Find shortest paths and routes serving multiple points
Locate your customers as points on a map

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Alternative to ArcMap: Exploring Maptitude as Your New GIS Powerhouse

As ArcMap's retirement date approaches on March 1, 2026, many users are searching for a capable successor. While Esri offers alternative solutions within the ArcGIS platform, Maptitude emerges as a powerful and user-friendly option specifically designed for seamless migration from ArcMap.

Maptitude: A Familiar Yet Cutting-Edge Choice

Maptitude boasts several key strengths that make it an ideal replacement for ArcMap:

  • Intuitive interface: The Maptitude interface mirrors the familiar layout of ArcMap, ensuring a smooth learning curve for experienced users. Menus, tools, and functionalities are strategically placed for efficient workflows.
  • Robust GIS functionality: Don't be fooled by the user-friendliness of Maptitude. It offers advanced features like spatial analysis, network modeling, and 3D mapping capabilities that rival those of ArcMap.
  • Data compatibility: Maptitude seamlessly handles various data formats, including shapefiles, raster imagery, and geodatabases, ensuring effortless import and export from both ArcMap projects and other sources.
  • Cost-effective solution: Maptitude has versions for desktop or online, with one-time or subscription pricing. Unlike subscription-based models, Maptitude can operate on a 10-year license basis, eliminating recurring fees and providing long-term value.
  • Dedicated support: The Maptitude Team provides excellent technical support, ensuring you have the resources to navigate any challenges.

Jesse Greer

“Maptitude is an excellent GIS program and is priced very low considering the value it provides. To name just a few key benefits I've experienced after owning it for only a week: It has tons of geographic and demographic information; it's relatively easy for beginners; there are tons of online guides, training materials, and seminars; tech support is very responsive and helpful. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for basic to complex functionality in a GIS program.”

Jesse Greer
Director of Inside Sales, Abbott Inc.
Orlando, Florida

Beyond Familiarity: The Maptitude Unique Advantages

Maptitude goes beyond simply replicating ArcMap's functionalities. It offers several unique advantages:

  • Focus on business intelligence: Maptitude is built with an emphasis on business applications, making it ideal for tasks like sales territory planning, market analysis, and logistics optimization.
  • Unparalleled data visualization: Maptitude shines in data visualization, offering a vast array of map styles, thematic maps, and 3D representations to effectively communicate insights.
  • Offline or online capabilities: Maptitude desktop can function entirely offline, eliminating dependence on internet connectivity and ensuring data security. Or you can use Maptitude Online in the Cloud from any device.

Making the Switch: A Smooth Transition Awaits

Migrating from ArcMap to Maptitude is remarkably straightforward. Caliper offers file import tools that seamlessly transfer your existing data, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

Embrace the Future with Confidence

While the end of ArcMap may seem daunting, it presents an opportunity to explore new horizons. Maptitude stands as a powerful and user-friendly alternative, offering a familiar yet innovative platform for your GIS needs.

Ready to make the switch? Download a free trial of Maptitude and experience the future of GIS for yourself. With its intuitive interface, comprehensive features, and commitment to user success, Maptitude is poised to become your trusted partner in navigating the exciting world of geospatial analysis.

Brett Lucas

“As a user of Maptitude for the past 10 years, I can say that I have been continually impressed at the improvements that have been made through each iteration of the software. I use the software primarily for business/retail applications, institutional research, and logistics. Maptitude's greatest strength is the software’s ability to crunch through “big data” sets and display that data spatially in just a few steps. Maptitude is a great alternative to ArcMap, as all of the ArcMap extensions (i.e. spatial analyst, network analyst, etc.) are all built-in for a fraction of the cost.

Using Maptitude, I can easily create 3-D maps, heat/hot spot maps, Thiessen Polygons (Areas of Influence), drive-time rings, flow maps (desire lines and spider maps), territory mapping, and spatial overlays (tagging features from one layer to another), trade area/site selection, and much more. I can also easily bring in shapefiles, imagery, and terrain data from a variety of sources. Maptitude has a robust geocoder built-in, that can instantly locate data that you have stored in Excel, Google Sheets, Access, or other SQL formats. Maps can be exported in a variety of formats that interact nicely with the Microsoft Office Suite environment.

As one who has taught Business GIS courses, the beauty of Maptitude is the low learning curve, which allows my students to focus on the analysis and results of data and less time on basic GIS software fundamentals.”

Brett Lucas
Principal, Cardinal Geographics

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The Best Alternative to ArcGIS Insights

ArcGIS Insights is a powerful data analytics tool, but it can be expensive and complex to use. Maptitude is a more affordable and user-friendly alternative that offers many of the same features, plus some unique advantages.

Maptitude excels in providing and visualizing up-to-date location-based business data, allowing organizations to use location intelligence to analyze how geography impacts their operations.

Maptitude ArcGIS Insights alternative map and chart options

Unparalleled User-Friendly Interface

The intuitive and user-friendly Maptitude interface makes spatial analysis accessible to users of all skill levels. Say goodbye to steep learning curves: Maptitude has a straightforward wizard-driven design that ensures that you can harness the power of spatial analytics without the hassle.

Feature-Rich Functionality

While ArcGIS Insights may offer a range of features, Maptitude takes it to the next level. From advanced mapping capabilities to comprehensive spatial analysis tools, Maptitude equips you with everything you need to turn your data into actionable insights. With Maptitude, you're not just analyzing data; you're unleashing its full potential.

Maptitude chart showing income distribution and median income by ZIP Code in San Francisco

“I've been using Maptitude for more than 15 years. It is simply the best tool available for businesses that need a market planning mapping and data resource. It can do everything I need it to do - from the very simple to the complex. It integrates nicely with other programs and file types making analysis and presentation very easy. I highly recommend Maptitude to firms who need a function-rich GIS mapping solution. It is the best!”

Mike Sawyer
Market Planning, Qdoba Mexican Eats

Cost-Effective Solution

Budget constraints shouldn't limit your access to cutting-edge spatial analytics. Maptitude offers a cost-effective alternative to ArcGIS Insights without compromising on functionality. Experience the same level of sophistication without breaking the bank, making Maptitude the smart choice for organizations of all sizes.

Maptitude has flexible purchase options that include zero subscription fees with secure off-line data storage to Software as a Service subscriptions.

Unmatched Performance

Maptitude is well known for its maturity, stability, and robustness. Maptitude boasts superior performance, ensuring that you can handle large datasets and complex analyses with ease. Don't let sluggish software hinder your progress: The efficiency of Maptitude sets it apart, allowing you to focus on what matters most: extracting meaningful insights from your spatial data.

Box chart comparison of income and home value
Mike Kirkpatrick

“They continually outpace the industry with customer support and provide it in a timely manner. If you are looking for a premier organization that provides cutting edge product and service, Caliper is the company to call.

I have taken our organization to an entirely different level with the capabilities of Maptitude. I'm able to plot sales or potential and pull data out of the map to effectively summarize and give results.”

Mike Kirkpatrick
Dealer Development Manager, Pacar Parts

Global Reach

Whether your work spans local communities or global landscapes, Maptitude provides the tools you need to navigate the world of spatial analytics. With extensive geographic coverage and support for a wide range of data formats, Maptitude is your passport to a truly global perspective.

Analyze your data or the included demographic data provided with the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, and United Kingdom Country Packages.

Stellar Support and Community

The Maptitude Team's commitment to customer success is evident in its exceptional support services and positive reviews. The Maptitude Team is passionate about spatial analytics, ensuring that you can rest easy knowing that help is just a click away.

Make the Switch Today

In the realm of spatial analytics, Maptitude emerges as the superior alternative to ArcGIS Insights. From its user-friendly interface to its unmatched performance, Maptitude empowers you to unlock the full potential of your geographic data without breaking the bank. Make the switch today and elevate your spatial analytics game with Maptitude.

Bob Tancula

“Maptitude provides great details of geographies along with demographics and economic variables at all the hierarchies we need. It is the best mapping tool we have and is so much better than some of the big data software packages we have used. We use maps from Maptitude for our reporting and analytics and clients are excited about how much detail we can give them. Maptitude has much more analytical capabilities and the maps are much more detailed. We have been using Maptitude to show retailers, dealers, and manufacturers their Total Available Markets based on our product forecasts. Once we load our forecasts, dealer locations, housing starts and other demographics, we are able to show where potential new business can be won. Maptitude has allowed us to better display our insights beyond the usual charts and tables.”

Bob Tancula
President, Senex

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Alternative to ArcGIS Online

Maptitude desktop and Online:
A Strong Contender for Sharing Data in ESRI Formats to Online Maps

While ArcGIS Online is a popular platform for online mapping and data sharing, Maptitude desktop and Maptitude Online offer a compelling alternative, especially when it comes to working with data in ESRI formats. Here's why:

Affordability: Maptitude desktop offers a one-time purchase model that grants you unlimited access to the software. This contrasts with ArcGIS Online's subscription-based model, which can incur ongoing costs over time. Additionally, Maptitude Online operates as a separate subscription service, allowing you to choose the level of online functionality you need without requiring the full ArcGIS licensing commitment.

  Maptitude ArcGIS Online (5 users)
Annual licensing $695 $2,500
Data storage, analytics, demographics, and lifestyle maps Free – Included with Maptitude Available using service credits at 10 per $1
State, county, and tract level U.S. Census data Free – Included with U.S. Country Package 10 credits per 1,000 map requests
Infographics Free – Included with Maptitude 10 credits per 1,000 views
Geocoding Free – Unlimited locations 40 credits per 1,000 geocodes
Drive time and routing: shortest routes, drive-time rings, service area definition Free – Included with Maptitude 0.04 credits per simple route, 0.5 credits per optimized route, 0.5 credits per closest facilities route
Map layers with over 1,000 records/features Yes, Unlimited Limited when adding*

As of 9/07/2018 according to

Data Compatibility: Unlike some online mapping platforms that have limited support for non-native formats, Maptitude seamlessly integrates with ESRI data formats like shapefiles and geodatabases. This allows you to directly import and work with your existing ArcGIS data in Maptitude without conversion hassles. This can be a significant advantage if your workflow or data analysis already heavily relies on ESRI formats.

Advanced Analytics and Optimization: Maptitude desktop surpasses most online mapping platforms when it comes to advanced geospatial analysis and optimization tools. It offers functionalities like network analysis, route planning, territory management, and spatial statistics, enabling you to extract deeper insights from your data and make data-driven decisions. Many of these features are unavailable or require additional extensions in ArcGIS Online.

Sharing and Collaboration: Both Maptitude desktop and Online offer flexible options for sharing your GIS data and maps. You can:

  • Publish maps online: Use Maptitude Online as an add-in to upload and share your Maptitude maps with others, even if they don't have the software. You can control access through private groups or public sharing with link access.
  • Generate interactive reports: Create informative reports with maps, charts, and data tables directly from Maptitude desktop and share them as PDF or web-based reports.
  • Export data formats: Export your data in various formats, including ESRI formats, for further analysis or integration with other platforms.

Ease of Use: Both Maptitude desktop and Online are known for their user-friendly interface, making them accessible even for users with limited GIS experience. The intuitive layout and streamlined workflows allow you to quickly create maps, analyze data, and share your findings.

Additional Advantages: Maptitude offers some additional features that can be advantageous depending on your needs, such as:

  • Offline functionality: Maptitude desktop allows you to work on your data even without an internet connection, unlike ArcGIS Online which is entirely web-based.
  • Customizable maps: Maptitude gives you greater control over map symbology, labeling, and layout compared to the more standardized templates in ArcGIS Online.
  • Cost-effective data storage: Hosting your data on Maptitude Online can be more cost-effective than ArcGIS Online depending on your data volume and access needs.

There are many benefits when you use Maptitude desktop as an alternative to ArcGIS Online™:

  • Own your maps: Never lose access to your maps and data just because your subscription has expired
  • Maptitude has unlimited offline geocoding (also called pin-mapping or address/postal/ZIP Code mapping) that does not require your sensitive locations to be uploaded to the Cloud
  • Maptitude allows unlimited transactions, freeing you from credit limits and additional charges
  • Maptitude does not have annual subscriptions
  • Maptitude has a full suite of mapping tools
  • Maptitude does not require you to upload your data to the Cloud
  • Maptitude can be run completely offline, even without an Internet connection
  • Maptitude outperforms ArcGIS in almost every category:

Maptitude desktop and Online present a compelling alternative to ArcGIS Online, especially when it comes to sharing data in ESRI formats and conducting advanced spatial analysis. Its affordability, data compatibility, powerful analytic tools, user-friendly interface, and flexible sharing options make it a strong choice for individuals and organizations looking for a robust and cost-effective platform for online mapping and GIS workflows.

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Alternative to Esri Location Technology

Location technology firms include organizations such as Caliper Corporation, who manufacture location applications such as the Maptitude mapping application. Maptitude uses integrated location-based data to add location intelligence to your "business intelligence" toolkit.

Maptitude can be an Esri location technology replacement because it has a significant volume of data that help when conducting a location-based market research study. You can analyze the geographical position of your rivals in order to identify unexplored markets, untapped customers, or for a variety of other purposes, such as the delivery of location-based advertising content.

Maptitude is competitively priced and enables organizations and businesses to use their location-based data to improve decision making. Why spend more for less?

Maptitude Users

The best mapping software! Here's why:

√  Maptitude is the easiest-to-use full featured mapping software, and includes powerful tools such as multi-ring drive-time zones

√  Maptitude has no subscription fees, and supports secure off-line data storage

√  Maptitude provides fully customizable maps with unlimited point icons

√  Maptitude has unlimited pin-mapping/geocoding

√  Maptitude includes free mapping data and demographics covering everything from population statistics to business locations, postal/ZIP Codes, and more!

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