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Maptitude Mapping Software

Maptitude nationwide demographic map of hispanic population

Perform Nationwide Demographic Analysis

Maptitude includes a free Country Package of data. The U.S. Country Package includes detailed demographic data from the Census Bureau including data from the American Community Survey (ACS) profiles. These data allow you to identify areas with high concentrations of income, home ownership, students, and much more. Data are provided for most Census summary levels including states, counties, county subdivisions, and tracts.

Maptitude also includes extensive non-Census information. These data, such as Caliper's proprietary purchasing power estimates, are among the most accurate available from any source and significantly more reliable than U.S. Census data. The included data alone are worth many times the software's purchase price.

For information on data available with other Country Packages, please use the links on the Included Data page.

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