Caliper GIS Logistics Software Solutions

GIS logistics tools are critical to a company’s success. Research shows that companies using sophisticated supply chain methods achieve profit levels 12 times greater than those with less sophisticated solutions.1 Caliper Corporation's Maptitude and TransCAD logistics mapping software include tools for solving all types of routing applications such as:

  • Pickup and delivery operations
  • Facility maintenance
  • Door-to-door delivery or pickup
  • Street sweeping or snow removal
  • Solid waste or recyclables collection
  • Meter reading

Other tools included with Caliper logistics software have broad applications in transportation and marketing. Clustering routines assemble customers, facilities, or areas into groups that are compact and can be serviced efficiently. Districting models group Census areas, ZIP Codes, counties, or other regions into territories that are compact and balanced. Location models evaluate the costs and benefits of any number of proposed facility locations. These models can be used for:

  • Territory and service network alignment
  • Sales and marketing management
  • Field sales force deployment
  • Retail or commercial site location
  • Warehouse location and distribution network planning
  • Public safety facility location (police, fire)

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1Bain & company

Transportation routing software map

Maptitude transportation routing software can be used for planning door-to-door delivery and pickup

Transportation logistics management software map

Caliper logistics management software solutions include arc routing tools for street sweeping, meter reading, and other applications

Truck routing software and logistics mapping software for planning deliveries

Caliper truck routing software can be used for planning deliveries that account for vehicle capacities, time windows, multiple depots, and more

GIS Logistics software map

Logistics planning software for choosing the best location for one or more facilities from a set of possible locations