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Maptitude geothinQ Alternative

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geothinQ® Replacement

Maptitude is a mapping application that is versatile and easy to use and can play a crucial role in land mapping. Maptitude costs just US$695 annually and is bundled as a one-stop solution, shipping with all the land mapping resources and data required.

Maptitude comes with boundaries and data from the street level to the national level. You can geocode and pin map unlimited numbers of addresses. You can also explore free data covering address pointsPLSS public land boundaries, business and government locations, AADT traffic counts, environmental data, and more from our comprehensive map data catalog.

As a logistics mapping program, Maptitude provides tools for addressing all manner of applications for routing. Demographic reports can be created for sharing as PDFs, online, or as images.

Map retail locations with Maptitude geothinQ alternative

Map retail locations with Maptitude geothinQ alternative

Map locations and accessibility with Maptitude geothinQ replacement

Add your data to a map and determine driving or walking accessibility with Maptitude geothinQ replacement

Maptitude geothinQ alternative includes demographic, business, and traffic data

Maptitude alternative to geothinQ includes demographic, business, and traffic data

Flood map analysis with Maptitude geothinQ replacement

Evaluate flood plains, elevations, and wetlands with Maptitude geothinQ alternative

Kellye Martin“I have access to traffic counts, local businesses, demographic information, drive times, and aerial imagery, all at the tips of my fingers. The program is easy to use, as well.”

Kellye Martin
GIS Analyst, Coast Realty Associates

Louis Scudere“Maptitude is critical for providing information in commercial real estate location selection. Maptitude is a very versatile GIS system which is able to produce a wide variety of maps economically.”

Louis Scudere
Principal, Riverbend Retail Consulting LLC

Case Study:

CKE Restaurants How CKE Grew Their Business with Maptitude
As the CKE Restaurant Holdings grow in the U.S. and in several international markets, managing franchise territories has become more complex, while the need to integrate disparate sources of business data has escalated. To overcome this, CKE relies on Maptitude to simplify territory identification and allocation, as well as to improve franchisee satisfaction through providing insightful market intelligence thereby increasing opportunities for success.

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